I’m the TALL one!

I just had a flashback to my days in elementary school, as a student rather than a teacher. You probably aren’t aware that September is International Square Dance Month (and you probably don’t care either…ha!). Learning this reminded me of when square dancing was part of fourth and fifth grade P.E. I loved every part of P.E. except for square dancing. Two reasons: I had to hold hands with a boy. YUCK. The other reason? I was the tallest kid in my class which meant I towered over all the boys. Embarrassing!

A few years back The Mailbox crew had an offsite meeting that included an evening of square dancing. None of us knew what we were doing and we had a blast. The cuer (the lady who was calling the moves) did get a bit perturbed with us though. I guess we laughed more than we listened!

Then there’s a flashback from second grade when I flipped my chair over backward and ended up with the hem of my dress snugly wrapped around my neck. We’ll save that one for another time!

Do ever have flashbacks of your time in elementary school? I hope you’ll share!



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5 thoughts on “Flashback!

  1. I don’t remember learning square dancing in elementary school. I would say the thing I remember most is the day the new seventh grade teacher came into the school office. He was so cute. I had such a crush on him. I had him for Math & Science. He’s still in my life as a friend today. He’s come to family’s weddings and other family functions. He tell me to call him by his first name Joel but he’ll always be Mr Bakrins.

  2. I remember square dancing and while I loved it very few of my peers did. I thought of that every time the school (in Vermont) had their whole school dance presentation. Watching (and joining in, depending on the student I was servicing) the students grow from awkward dancers to the polished dancers they would become was bittersweet for me.

  3. I loved square dancing! It was the only time I earned an A in PE. An awkward memory is of Tyrone, who sat behind me in 5th grade, stroking my long wavy black hair. Only later did I realize he had a handful of Elmer’s glue as he touched my hair!

  4. I did not learn square dancing as a kid in school but I did learn it and dance all the time as an adult! My husband is a well known caller in Colorado and everyone has a blast dancing to the new music and interesting choreography. I challenge all of you to give it another try. Square dancing is good for you head to toe and not what you thought it was!

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