Yeppers! It’s a First Friday Giveaway!

Looking at this photo you could think I’m a month off, or I’m a little off! I can’t confirm nor deny the latter (ha!), however, I can agree that this month’s giveaway items look like they belong in October. There’s a reason for that. By the time the giveaway is over and the prize is mailed to this month’s winner, many teachers will be making plans for October—so October-themed goodies it is!

To enter for a chance to win a decorative pumpkin for your classroom, a pair of batty toe covers, 40 treat bags, and three super fun picture books, simply leave your answer to the following question right here on this blog no later than Sunday, September 16, 2018.

What do you like most about fall?


I’m going with the weather, yet I love fall clothes, pumpkin beverages, football, Halloween—I can’t decide! Can you?

Eager to hear from you!


Congratulations to Deb R. from Lake Benton, MN; the winner of this month’s First Friday Giveaway!

154 thoughts on “Yeppers! It’s a First Friday Giveaway!

  1. I love everything! The cooler weather, leaf colors, pumpkins and Halloween. My most favorite is teaching my preschoolers all about fall!

  2. I love the cool weather, changing of leaves and pumpkin spice coffee. It is so pretty to just be outside when fall starts.

    • I think I love the smells of chrisp autumn air, football leather , a new crackling fire and pumpkin pie ! I love smelling my cozy clean blankets as I’m wrapped in them, writing my school plans!

  3. I love the smell in the air as the weather begins to change, the colors as the leaves change and the feel of my home …. becomes much more cozy.

  4. I love Halloween and seeing the leaves change colors. I also enjoy our annual trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin farm!

  5. If I am being honest, my most favorite thing is that the H-O-T and H-U-M-I-D Georgia summer finally decided to dissipate toward mid October. It’s currently still 90 degrees! I also love seeing the beautiful colored leaves in the North Georgia mountains and all the fall festivals where our family can indulge in boiled peanuts, caramel apples, cider slushees, funnel cakes and s’mores!

  6. I love how excited the kids are for Halloween and planning their costumes!
    Apples, cider, and just the beauty fall brings…jumping in the leaves is the best!????????????

  7. In the fall, I love to see the colors of the leaves. I adore the breeze blowing and making the fallen leaves rattle across the pavement. And all the fall festivals make everything more enjoyable for everyone!

  8. I love sitting on my porch, listening to the high school marching band, hoodies and pumpkin pie, rain on an autumn day that mutes all the vibrant colors, choosing that perfect pumpkin and teaching my littles ones Halloween songs. And especially Halloween Candy!

  9. I love the crisp fall air, the colorful mum’s, leaves turning beautiful colors, and the way the leaves fall to the ground covering it like a blanket.

  10. I love the ripening apples and pumpkins and the obligatory trip to the farms to get them. I also love Halloween! It is so much fun to dress up and pass out candy to all the cute trick or treaters!

  11. I love the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves. The colors are magnificent! It’s a chance to pull out sweaters and blue jeans and get comfortable, or at least it used to be. I live in AZ now and sweaters aren’t really needed here and fall weather isn’t what it is in NY. I have my memories though!

  12. I Fall, because I love how the weather starts getting cooler; taking trips to the pumpkin patch with my kindergarteners; and gearing up for the start of the Holodaybseason.

  13. I love fall for my annual trip to the pumpkin patch with my kindergarten students! They get so excited and there’s nothing better than a haystack slide, a corn maze and picking out the perfect pumpkin. I just had my first child in June, so I look forward to making this a tradition with her too. 🙂

  14. The colors, cooler temperatures and candy corn!! My nana would take my brother and I to the candy counter at the mall and my brother would get gummy bears and I would get candy corn. I still love to candy corn when they bring it out in the Fall.

  15. Cooler weather, so that the classroom isn’t so hot! Plus I love all the fall flower colors and floral arrangements you see in stores.

  16. My favorite things about fall are the temperature change, leaves changing color, and pumpkin picking with my prek class! ????????????????????????????????????

  17. My forty minute commute to school magically transforms into driving through a mountainous, fall color explosion work of art! Windows down, cool, crisp air, sunshine setting the trees on fire! Who couldn’t have a great day with 26 first graders!?!?!

  18. The cooler weather and going and picking out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch with the kids in my classroom. I’m also really excited because it will be my daughters first time to go do it herself now that she’s old enough.

  19. The weather!!!! I think it’s so pretty and relaxing when there’s a chill I’m the air and the leaves are all changing color.

  20. I love all the fall activities! Pumpkin and apple picking, Halloween parties and trick and treating, and apple cider donuts!

  21. My favorite thing about fall is the changing of the leaves. As a toddler teacher, I’m reminded that my little guys have only experiences this once or twice in their lives and it’s a good reminder to me to hold on to that sense of awe and wonder and just experience the world through their eyes.

  22. I love that first fall fire in the fireplace! Cozy sweaters and mugs of coffee or hot chocolate and a good book all in front of the fire!!

  23. Driving with my car windows down and letting the cool fall breeze in. Lighting fall scented candles like Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider, and Crisp Fall Leaves. And sipping on seasonal drinks from Starbucks! Pumpkin Spice Lattes are one of my favorites!

  24. Love seeing the leaves changing creating a beautiful masterpiece painted by Mother Nature! The crisp cool air, apple and pumpkin picking. Halloween and the excitement on the children’s faces collecting their trick or treats. The warm cozy sweaters along with the smell of wood burning in the fireplaces. Fall to me is the official beginning of the holidays! It’s my my favorite season of all!

  25. I live in Florida so unfortunately no beautiful change in the leaves but that’s my favorite thing about fall. I also absolutely love everything pumpkin flavored.

  26. The thing I love best about fall is all the activities! Everything from apple picking, pumpkin patches, leaf hunts, jumping in the leaf piles, having bonfires with s’mores, going camping, building scarecrows, going to haunted houses, trick-or-treating, and best of all, making all the fall foods!

  27. I love bringing out my plaid scarves, chunky cardigans, munching on pumpkin candy corn and coming home from school to a house that smells of yummy chili simmering in the crock pot! ❤️????????????

  28. My house smelling like pumpkin spice and cinnamon from baking fall desserts and Halloween shows (Hocus Pocus of course)! ????????????????☕

  29. When I leave work on a sunny day to go home, I see all the various colors in trees and the hillsides. But the best is the colors making it almost look like a fire: the sun makes the colors so vibrant at certain times of the day.

  30. I LOVE everything about Fall! Watching the leaves change into such beautiful colors has to be my favorite! Going for a walk through our state park and taking it all in….the smell of leaves, the cooler temps, the colors. I feel it soothes my soul and brings me peace.

  31. I love the cool crisp feeling in the air. The crunch of shiny apples. The glow of orange pumpkins and the colorful falling leaves.

  32. The leaves changing color. Watching the leaves rain down on me. Driving through the leaves as they are falling. The crisper, cooler mornings and evenings.
    mysticbutterfly37 at

  33. I like the changing colors. The orange and mustard yellow. I love pumpkin and scarecrow everything. I love to decorate for it. More and more pumpkins.

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