First Friday Giveaway for June

It’s the first Friday in June and it’s June 1. I think it’s a sign that June is going to be a GREAT month! (This particular pairing of a first Friday on the very first day of the month won’t happen again until February 2019.)

This month’s giveaway includes an adorable plush great white shark named Gilbert and his very own picture book titled “Gilbert the Great.” The book explores a close friendship that suddenly changes when one friend moves far away with his family. This month’s prize also includes a new pack of colorful fine-tip markers, which are guaranteed to make paper grading more fun in the fall!

To enter for a chance to win this “shark-tacular” prize, leave your answer to the question below in the comment section. Be sure to do this before midnight, June 10.

What is your favorite ocean animal?


Check out these six shark facts!

Sharks have eyelids. (I can’t say I’ll be checking this out anytime soon!)

Sharks can only swim forward. (Interesting!)

Sharks’ eyes are located on the sides of their head so they can have a better view of their surroundings. (Insert the theme music from the movie Jaws….)

Sharks have the thickest skin of any animal species. Some sharks have skin up to six inches thick! (No wonder they don’t get wrinkles!)

Sharks do not have vocal chords. They make no sound. (It’s new classroom management strategy: Be silent like a shark!)

There are almost 50 different shark species that glow in the dark. These sharks use light-emitting organs called photospheres. (Who knew?)

Dolphins for me!


PS: Get your students outdoors for some fresh-air fun. Click here for super-cute activities.


353 thoughts on “First Friday Giveaway for June

  1. As a child, my brother was obsessed with sharks. He carried around a kleenex box full of sharks that he drew and I would be forced to pull a shark out of the box and listen to my brother ramble facts about that shark. Now, many decades later, I have a vast knowledge of sharks from him and him forcing me to watch PBS specials about sharks. My students love when I share all this knowledge with them!

  2. My class has really taken a shine to sea turtles. I love teaching about any ocean creature but sea turtles are fascinating. I like to introduce them right after Earth Day because there are lots of conservation issues that can be covered regarding the health and safety of sea turtles. This is always a class favorite!

  3. The Dolphins. I remember watching a TV series back a few years ago with a Dolphin called “Flipper”. I got to see see them up close on a Caribbean Cruise with my daughter and the Girl Scouts. Also saw them at the Dolphin Show at Brookfield,Zoo in Chicago, Illinois.

  4. My favorite fish is dolphins. Every summer when we go to Wildwood Crest, NJ we see dolphins swimming up and down the coast.

  5. All ocean life is facinating to me! I live in the middle of the US, so I rarely get to see these creatures. I really like the personality of dolphins.

    • My friends and I like to randomly sing this to cause an earworm. It’s been months now! Life with the Littles makes you a little mad I think. But on a good way.

  6. Our favorite (my son and I) love dolphins! I teach kinder at the school he just graduated Kindergarten at and our school mascot is “Finley the dolphin!” Our motto for our school is “We can’t hide our dolphin pride!” He would love to win the shark and story as he has also become a strong reader while in kinder and we are so proud!

  7. Octopus ????
    They are great for nursery school math activities and there are tons of cute crafts you can do revolving around them!

  8. The ocean is full of so many wonderful creatures. I sure love the white shark and sea stars and my little guys LOVES all sharks! He made up a shark, ‘The Rainbow Pickle Ahark’ who Lives in the waters off of Africa.

  9. There are so many fabulous sea creatures but I have always loved star fish or sea star. I fortunate enough to grow up by the water and have loved them since I was a child.

  10. For our 25th Anniversary, 6 years ago I was able to swim with the dolphins ????, that is my favorite ocean animal!

  11. Under the sea is our topic at the minute and the children have engaged so much! I would have to say the octopus is my favourite ocean animal, as we have learned so many interesting facts about them.

  12. My favorite ocean animal is the star fish. I love echinoderms! The kid in me still thinks that it is amazingly cool that they shoot out their stomachs to eat. How impressive would that be on a dinner date?!

  13. Do I have to name just one? Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Belugas and Manatees, I love them all. I guess dolphins the most but not by much.

  14. Sea dragons are really different and fun to see. I love sharing fiction and nonfiction stories about animals with my kindergarten class. They seem to like dolphins and sharks.

  15. It is so hard to have just one favorite ocean animal- seahorses, whales, and turtles, but if I have to ……..whales as they are so interesting, having once been a land animal and twice a water animal.

  16. I love all sea creatures! Our family went on vacation to the beach a few years ago & a school of manta rays swam by my daughter & me. It was amazing! I believe the manta rays are my favorite!

  17. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite. I love seals and sea turtles, dolphins are very cool too. I love sea otters too!

  18. I really like dolphins because they are very intelligent. I do happen to have a fondness for sharks as well because they are the mascot at my school that I teach at so that is why I would love to have this book to enjoy with my students!

  19. Dolphins are fun to watch surface but squid and their “cousins” cuttlefish are fascinating to me!

  20. My favorite ocean animal is a dolphin, because dolphins are very intelligent, empathetic animals. They can communicate with and understand each other. And, they can also communicate with people. They seem very curious as well. Here is a video telling how intelligent dolphins are: .

  21. Dolphins have always been my favorite… but sea turtles too. When my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Hawaii we were snorkeling and these giant sea turtles (2 or 3 of them) swam right by us. It was amazing.

  22. I have a few ocean favorites. Lol. I love manatees, sea turtles, and sea horses. Not sure if I could pick just one. I also love the orca whale. They are gorgeous creatures. ????

  23. Sharks!!! My classroom has many and. Am always wearing something with a shark on it. I’m also a HUGE San JoseShaeks fan!!! Go Sharks!!!

  24. There are so many wonderful ocean animals it’s difficult to pick just one:
    Dolphins are on the top of my list.

  25. I love all of the different types of fish! Their colors and differences intrigue me. My son is two and loves sharks and jelly fish! He would love this book and stuffed shark. ????????????

  26. Fascinated by ALL the amazing creatures in the ocean! One favorite is difficult to choose… Seahorse… Dolphin… Narwhal…Clown Fish

  27. My favorite ocean animal is the shark! My whole family loves them! My daughter even wants her 3rd birthday party to be sharks! This little guy would be perfect for it!

  28. LOVE Sharks!! I’ve been obsessed with the movie JAWS Since I was old Enough to see it! Even did a Jaws themed “ monster “ preschool graduation a few years back to honor the movies 40th anniversary!!

  29. My favorite ocean animal is the sea turtle!! I am fortunate to have been able to swim with/near them on several occasions.

  30. Basking sharks are very interesting. I found out about them when I was modeling an ocean animal report for my 3rd graders. I still have the PowerPoint that accompanied it and show it to my new classes each year. Their gill rakers are what stands out in my mind.

  31. If reincarnation is real, I would love to change me back as a dolphin. They seem so playful and helpful and smart!

  32. I love watching baby sea turtles emerge from their nest and make their long journey toward the ocean. I have been lucky to see this happen on several occasions in Emerald Isle, NC over the years. Emerald Isle is a sea turtle sanctuary! ????❤

  33. Whale shark. They are beautiful. If my son had a say, he would say goblin shark or humpback whale. He is having a humpback whale birthday party in December!

  34. So hard to chose. I think dolphins are my personal favorite. However we are having the best time with the Baby Shark song. It’s kind of turned into a game among my adult friends to randomly sing it to cause an ear worm. I like to do the dance remix.

  35. It’s hard to name just 1 favorite sea animal… so here are my favorites
    Seahorse, starfish, sea turtles and dolphins
    My sons favorite is the sea otter. I don’t know where he got this love from but if there is a otter exhibit anywhere near us we have to go see the otters. We actually went to the mountains of N.C. because there is an otter exhibit at the western nature museum.

  36. I would have to say my favorite ocean animal is sharks. They capture my student’s interest more than any other animal.

  37. There are several cool sea creatures, but I have a fascination with sharks! I can’t wait for Shark Week!

  38. My favorite ocean animals are dolphins!! I have yet to see one on our beach trips! We have seen sharks though close to the pier!!

  39. My favorite ocean animal is the shark. I don’t want to meet one face-to-face, but I find them fascinating.

  40. I love teaching about the oceans! My favorite ocean animal is the shark. My students adore learning facts about this animal.

  41. So many tough choices! I love dolphins and penguins, but my favorite ocean animals are sea otters, because they remind me so much of my favorite dog breed the dachshund.

  42. My favorite sea animals are sea turtles. We were excited to get to see a nest just hatching from a dune on our vacation one year. It was so much fun, but oh what a struggle to get to the water!! Cutest little things ever!

  43. Sea Turtles! Two years ago I got to see baby sea turtles hatch and make their way to the water, it was the most amazing thing!

  44. I love the ocean and it’s inhabitants. It’s difficult choosing just one. Hmmmmm…. I guess I will choose manatees .

  45. Dolphins ???? but I have to say I was very impressed with everything that I learned about sharks when I did a unit on them with my class!

  46. Sea Turtles are my favorite ocean animals. I was able to watch them hatch and make their way to the ocean. So amazing!

  47. My favorite ocean animal is the salmon. It’s strong, determined, focused, and resilient. (It does also taste good and is a healthy fish).

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