Cooking Up a Big Batch of Freebies—Plus Win a Book About a Baked Potato (and More)

Since Thanksgiving is coming up in a few weeks, I started thinking about fun books with foods in the titles. If this were a cooking blog, I’d ask you what delectable recipe you could whip up with the foods named in the books—in this case, marshmallows, a cookie, and a baked potato. But don’t worry;  instead, I’ll just ask you which one of those foods is your favorite. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win these books:

  • Most Marshmallows (Chronicle Books)—Most marshmallows live in houses, watch TV, and go to school. But some marshmallows dare to be different. 
  • Angry Cookie (Walker Books)—Poor cookie is out of his favorite toothpaste, has a terrible haircut, and has to listen to his friend play the recorder all day long. No wonder he’s a pouting pastry!
  • I’m a Baked Potato (Chronicle Books)—When a lady who loves baked potatoes finds a warm, cozy little puppy, what does she name him? Baked Potato, of course!

Submit your comment by Thursday, November 28. One lucky teacher will win! Congratulations to our lucky winner Brandy Davis! Then get ready to feast on these fun and useful freebies:

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I keep getting visions of a food show featuring a baked potato with melted marshmallows and cinnamon cookie bits on it. Disgusting? Not sure….


PS: Diane and Kim are making draft picks—for their dream team of books. Help them make their next choice here

41 thoughts on “Cooking Up a Big Batch of Freebies—Plus Win a Book About a Baked Potato (and More)

  1. Potatoes, potatoes,potatoes. . .and for those who chose cookies, think about the vintage recipe of potato chip cookies!

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