Your Lesson Planning Helper

The best gift you can give a teacher is the gift of time. When I taught, any extra time I could squeeze from my schedule was a win. I had so much to do and so little time to do it! Plus, life balance between work and personal time is so important. I used The Mailbox® Magazine to help me. It was full of activities that met the skills I needed to teach—and the ideas were fun and workable in the classroom. 

The Mailbox® Magazine subscription today isn’t just the magazine—it’s the magazine PLUS MORE. That means you get even more help in the classroom. You get…

  • The magazine, monthly and online, for your grade level.
  • Access to our online library of over 18,000 activities and printables for your grade level.
  • Monthly forms you can fill out online!
  • Tools like our Bingo Game Maker, Spelling List Maker, Flashcard Maker, and MORE!

We call this bundle of goodness The Mailbox Gold! CLICK HERE TO START YOUR 7 DAY FREE TRIAL.


Our online library is searchable and you can narrow down exactly what you need. Here’s a sample you can use for the new school year! Help little ones get to know their classmates with this fun trading card activity and simple display. 

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