You Have to Play to Win: Contests Ending

Don’t miss your chance to enter these great contests, ending this month. To sweeten the deal, scroll down to comment by 11:59 pm EDT Tuesday, April 1, 2014, to tell us which of these fun finds are your favorites. One lucky teacher will win the 50th Anniversary Edition of Shel Silverstein’s Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros? Submit your comment right now!  (Update: congratulations to Myrna, who is our winner!)


It’s Family Reading Month! Enter to win one of five learning-filled LeapFrog prize packs, which are valued at over $500 each. Hurry, this contest ends on March 31! Plus you can download family reading resources, classroom printables, and a valuable LeapFrog coupon. Get it all at


Fabrics and textiles should never end up in the trash. That’s the message behind the Recycling Rangers program from SMART. Sign up to access free Common Core-aligned printables and enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. The sweepstakes ends March 30 (that’s Sunday!), so enter now at


Get free Common Core activities to help you teach your students to stay safe! Visit to download classroom activities, games, puzzles, and more that teach important safety information. Plus sign up for a chance to win $500 to hold a Home Safety Night at your school and an ADT security system for yourself, totally free for one year. Enter now!


Do you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom? Get your young students set to use it with the new Jonti-Craft iRise, which helps little learners step right up safely. See more at




Don’t forget, scroll down to send us a comment to be entered in the drawing for this week’s giveaway. You have to play to win!


21 thoughts on “You Have to Play to Win: Contests Ending

  1. I would love to win the LeapFrog prize pack! A wonderful way to promote literacy. Most families are familiar with LeapFrog products; utilizing the products in centers and via classroom Lending Library will allow me to reach all learners and encourage parents to invest in LeapFrog products who we’re considering, but hesitant to purchase.

  2. I purchased and read Shel Silverstein books for my oldest when he was young (he is now 21) and read to my second son when he was very young. Both boys enjoyed reading his books on their own!!!

  3. I am the biggest Shel Silverstein fan on the planet! I know a ridiculous number of his poems by heart so I can share with kids at will. 🙂

  4. I love the book- call me old school but i love just books. Interactive stuff is great but there is nothing like a book in a child’s hands.

  5. There’s not one of Shel Silverstein’s pieces that I don’t love; however, this is one of his texts that I don’t own. The wonderful thing about his writings is that they are loved and appreciated by all age groups, so I can use them with various students in a mulltitude of lessons.

  6. How would seeing a book about wanting a cheap rhino not catch my eye? Of course, winning the leapfrog package would be fabulous. It isn’t a rhino though.

  7. Shel’s book tops my list. 50th anniversary books are hard to find and obtain. Leap stuff is awesome in any classroom. Common Core help is always a plus in any classroom. All are super duper cool and would definitely be a plus in my classroom.

  8. It’s hard to choose! I love them all and I would love to win the 50th Anniversary Edition of Who wants a cheap Rhinoceros?

  9. Who wouldn’t want to read Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros? to their class. As for the rest of the opportunities, I have held a class for recycling or upcycling used clothes. We made purses and pillow case out of the children’s tee shirts.

  10. I would love this book. My students love that we read to them everyday and we encourage them to read for themselves and to write stories. It is fun for them to see other authors stories. My husband just lost his job so my funds are limited and any help that can be given to my class right now would be helpful.
    Thank you.

  11. My students love Shel Silverstein’s books and I would love to add this one to my library’s collection.

  12. I teach fifth grade and just introduced my students to the incredible world of Shel Silverstein. They are in love! We would have a blast with “Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?” Thank you!- Kelly (Baltimore, MD)

  13. Always looking for new preschool books this would be great. As you know a preschool teacher buys a lot of her own books and supplies. A great free book would be great!
    Thank you.

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