World Read Aloud Day, Free Field Trips, and More

This week brings another assortment of freebies and fun contests. No teacher I know can resist goodies like these!


Mark your calendar: Wednesday, March 3, 2010, is World Read Aloud Day. Visit to find free activity sheets, printable posters and certificates, sample lessons, and more. While you’re there, register for updates too!


Planning your spring field trips? Be sure to visit Field Trip Factory for information on FREE field trips in your area. Check out the five new field trips for 2010 and learn more about options for free bus funding. It’s all at


The Doodle 4 Google contest is open! This year’s theme is “If I Could Do Anything, I Would…” Students in grades K-12 are invited to participate by creating a Google logo that conveys the theme. Get all the details at Register your class by March 17, 2010. The winning doodle will be featured on the Google homepage on May 27, 2010.


Good luck!


PS: It’s time to for some early spring cleaning: post a comment on our blog by Friday, March 5, for a chance to WIN a box of assorted classroom resources. Good luck! (Update: Congratulations to Darlene, who won a box of assorted teacher resource books, children’s books, and more. We have more chances to win! See the next post to enter another drawing!)

6 thoughts on “World Read Aloud Day, Free Field Trips, and More

  1. I have been using Mailbox magazine for several years through our school library. I have found it very valuable for the advice from other teachers, to the activity pages to reinforce skills taught, to decorating bulletin boards and many other uses. The website has now been added to my favorites for quick access. Thank you for suppling another resource needed to make teaching a joy.

  2. Thanks for keeping me up-to-date with contests and grants!! I try to keep up on my own, but school always gets in the way. Thanks for making it easier for me!!

  3. I do not know how a teacher can get by without the help of the Mailbox magazines and Learning magazine! I value them so much, and I look forward to receiving emails, updates to blog entries, learning about freebies/grants/contests/new products, and fresh ideas for teaching! Thank you for all you do to make our jobs easier!

  4. This is great–another great way Mailbox helps keep teachers informed and excited about their work. Thanks!

  5. I love the Mailbox Blogs you keep us all up to date. I have used the field trip factory twice this year. I LOVE IT. They are so helpful and really take the work out of planning trips. Best yet the trips are Great.

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