Words to Live By and a Book to Win: Try a Little Kindness

This book sums up what I think is the best goal we can all have in 2019. Are you in?

For a chance to win this book in our random drawing, submit a comment letting me know if you and your students are joining the quest for kindness. (Update: Congratulations to Debbie, our lucky winner!) Submit your comment by Wednesday, January 16, to be included in our drawing. Good luck!



Here are some freebies and contests that I think you’ll take kindly to this week:

The Great Kindness Challenge is one week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible. From January 28 to February 1, students will track good deeds. Register at thegreatkindnesschallenge.com to get free tools for getting started.




Discover stories filled with inspiration and kindness with a free subscription to Epic! Educators get access to 25,000 books and videos—award-winning fiction, biographies, animals, STEM DIY, and more. Get started at getepic.com/educators.



Explore the world with researched, nonfiction stories and friendship activities. A free trial of One Globe Kids Educator program combines online and offline activities. Start the journey at oneglobekids.org/join-educator.


Kindness rocks!


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66 thoughts on “Words to Live By and a Book to Win: Try a Little Kindness

  1. Kindness is our biggest goal in our classroom this school year …. Before the winter break, each student created a Kindness Countdown chain … countdown to the winter break with one kind deed each day – it was wonderful seeing the students excited about doing something kind for someone without expecting anything in return. Many students caught on that it felt good to do something kind for someone else…. #bestfeelingever!

  2. One of our building goals this year is positive behavior and recognition of this. With that comes being kind to others. I have been looking for books all year to help emphasize and teach the importance of kindness. This would fit right in with my theme. Thank you!

  3. This book would be a great addition to our Kindness Challenge we have started. In our classroom we have Kindness Challenges to work on each day and sticker awards to add to our individual charts (myself included). Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kindness has been one the main focuses in our classroom this year. We will be participating in the kindness challenge.

  5. I am totally on board in promoting kindness in my three year old preschool classroom! As a matter of fact, I just hung a canvas in my classroom that says Be Kind! I read it to my students and explained what “Be Kind” means to me. I try to teach my young students to treat everyone kindly. I hope that learning kindness early on sets a good example for the years ahead of them ????????

  6. We are always trying to come up with activities that focus on kindness whether it be making sandwiches for our homeless population, leaving notes of appreciation for our veterans and firefighters, or whatever it may be. Kindness is so important!

  7. I work in a preschool classroom. We have a “kindness jar” and anytime someone is caught doing something kind they get to add a paper clip to the kindness jar. We love teaching kindness in our classroom!

  8. Oh Yes, I just signed us up for the Kindness Challenge. It is never too early to recognize and show kindness to others.

  9. We are signed up for the Kindness Challenge! Many classes have already been working on promoting kindness and service projects and we are excited to celebrate kindness for a whole week and inspiring us to continue being kind everyday.

  10. Yes! My preschoolers, as well as their parents, are learning about how “Kindness Counts” this month with the hope that we can continue throughout the rest of the year.

  11. We end our day every day with a Kindness cheer. We sit in a circle and pass a little first bump from friend to friend u til it goes all the way around the room. As we first bump we say the words, “Be kind to one another”

    We’d love to have this book in our class.
    M Gray

  12. We are working on kindness by becoming a classroom family, working together, helping each other, and being kind to others.

  13. Our school practices kindness through our “Fill someone’s Bucket” campaign. Students write kind notes for classmates.

  14. Not only are our students committed to kindness we utilize many foems of character building activities in our clasdrooms. Our staff each month addresses, sharing, caring, kindness respect and much more through curiculum and center activities. Our school as a whole has an ongoing campaign to each month recognize minimum of 1 student, 1 parent and 1 staff member for being a shing example of being safe kind andresponsibile. We are a Montessori school so it is also part of our program always. So a book such as Try A Little Kindness would certainly be well used.

  15. We have worked on thankfulness at thanksgiving then on to respect and reflection how if we had a second chance to handle a situation over would we change our action. now we are working on empathy, kindness and mindfulness.

  16. Kindness is the most important lesson our kids can learn. Always looking for new ways to get the message across:)

  17. We will definitely be joining the Great Kindness challenge. My kiddos are already pretty kind to one another and will support each other and be happy for their classmates’ successes, but would definitely love to branch out and promote kindness around the whole school, at home, and in their own communities

  18. Our school is definitely working on kindness. My class looks for kindness among classmates and nominates a peer for a kindness award. The last person to receive the award nominates a classmate and presents that person the award and explains why they nominated their friend/classmate.

  19. Treat others as you’d like to be treated still holds true……everyone likes to be treated with kindness…….

  20. Our school had a kindness assembly in December, and the challenge is for us to achieve 5,000 acts of kindness. We are kicking off the challenge this month.

  21. My class will be participating because I think it is a wonderful idea to work on being kind to others. We will be discussing what kinds of acts of kindness we can do and what words will be best to use.

  22. We do a kindness and/or service project every month. Last month we made dog biscuits for all the dogs we see on our walks in the neighborhood. This month we are collecting Lego’s to send to a teacher in Mongolia for her students to do STEM projects with.

  23. We signed up to do the kindness challenge and we will see how many things on the list we can mark off and then some! Even the smallest things can be so amazing.

  24. I homeschool my special needs daughter and kindness & inclusion are a huge part of our lessons and social skills training. We would love to have this book!

  25. I signed my family up for the family edition and just emailed my school’s principals and my daughter’s school principal and teacher so that our schools will do the Kindness Challenge as well! Looking forward to it!

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