Word Nerds!

I am a nerd, and I have several nerdy friends. Even being in close contact with these individuals, I have a difficult time defining what a nerd is. I can, however, give you fine examples of nerdy behavior. A nerd…

  • May inform you with undisguised glee that the Rebel fighter pilots in the new Star Wars movie are actually from original 1977 footage.
  • May mention that if she were to own a magic wand it would have a core of phoenix feather just like Harry Potter’s wand.
  • May post excessive memes on Facebook about appropriate grammar and repeatedly lecture others about the use of the Oxford comma.

And that final example leads me to today’s very odd “holiday”: National Word Nerd Day. I wouldn’t call myself a word nerd, even though I deal with words every day. But words are fascinating! And being a word nerd is actually a pretty awesome thing.building-vocab




Create some word nerds in your classroom with this activity on building vocabulary!






Check out this excellent packet with a selection of games to help students build vocabulary!



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