Word Displays

Sight words, spelling words, vocabulary words–words, words, and more words! What are your favorite word displays? Maybe you use a word wall. Maybe you use a pocket chart. Maybe you simply use the wall, the floor, a tabletop, or the ceiling! (Okay, that might be a stretch!) In a word, our editors would like to know your favorite ways of displaying words. And if you have activities to go with those displays, they’d love to learn about those too!

Sure hope to hear from ya!


5 thoughts on “Word Displays

  1. I have words everywhere on objects, windows and doors. I do have a sight word wall by the writing tables.

    My favorite activity is to play who let the word out? Just use the who let the dogs out and sing who let the word out? The kids then sing back to me the word. I usually put a motion to them if the word is boy the boys stomp their feet. If the word is go they point off like telling someone to go. I have found the kids pick up the sightwords faster and easier if their is movement with it.

  2. One of my favorites is a dead word wall. Words we want to avoid using in our writing. Each week put up a word to “kill” and students can spend some time brainstorming or looking for alternative words to use. For instance a teacher can “kill” the word big and use large, humongous, enormous etc. My two favorite words to “kill” are things and stuff.

  3. I like to have a “snowball fight”. I put the words they are learning (one per page) and wad them up into a ball like a snowball. I toss them one then they have to tell me the word. If they get the word right, then they can all throw their “snowballs” at me at one time. They love it!

  4. We introduce words, usually at circle time and talk about what it means and how it sounds. Then we write it on an index card and put it at our writing table.

    We let families know what our new words are each day or week

  5. Password

    We like to have a password at the door. We place a laminated hand with a word written on it by the door and the children touch the word and say it to get in or out of the room.

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