Windy Weather!

We’ve certainly been having typical spring weather here in North Carolina—days alternating between sunshine and rain with lots of wind! It was so windy last week, my cats hid under the bed. As long as my electricity stays on, I love rainy and windy spring days! Check out these windy-weather ideas that are timely and perfect for distance learning. 





Download this wind activity sheet and email it to your students’ parents.



Download this kite writing sheet. Email it to your students’ parents with the following instructions: Have your child pretend to be a kite. What would your child see? Have he or she write several sentences on the kite writing paper. If desired, have your child cut out and decorate the kite afterward.


2 thoughts on “Windy Weather!

  1. I enjoy rainy and windy days. I love to listen to the sound of the rain drops falling and love to see if my home made kite can actually fly!

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