Win a Prize Perfect for the Final Months of School—and Beyond!

The last few months of the school year are like a race to the finish line; you’ve been sprinting all year long, and now it’s time for one last burst of speed! Feeling out of breath? We have freebies and fun resources to help!

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Submit a comment to our blog to let us know which of these resources is your favorite. One lucky teacher will win the popular Differentiated Instruction flip chart from Mentoring Minds. This handy chart includes tools and techniques you can try in your classroom right away! Submit your comment by midnight EDT on Thursday, April 12, 2012, to be entered in our drawing! Good luck! (Update: Kelly’s wish came true—she is our winner!)

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Have you heard about the Prang Challenge? Teachers across the nation are getting the chance to test Prang art markers for themselves. As part of the challenge, teachers may also win a digital video camera and $400 in Prang supplies. You could be the next winner! Click here now to enter the Prang Challenge today!

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Get ready to drop everything and read! Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Day is coming up on April 12, the birthday of well-known author Beverly Cleary. Check out the DEAR Day site for ideas on holding a DEAR Day event. New on the site are fun DEAR videos. Click here now!

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It’s almost Earth Day! Are you ready? Here’s the perfect way to introduce your students to fascinating habitats and amazing animals: get free resources from Audubon and Pennies for the Planet! With the Pennies program, every student can contribute to help our earth and its creatures. Now’s the perfect time to start your Pennies campaign; click here now!

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Spring is the time for science—and FOSS provides everything you need to help students build a deeper understanding of the world around them. The grades K-6 program is all new! Check it out or click here now!

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Submit your comment now and enter now to win that Differentiated Instruction flip chart from Mentoring Minds! Don’t miss out; this is a resource you’ll use year after year!


22 thoughts on “Win a Prize Perfect for the Final Months of School—and Beyond!

  1. I like seeing all the new ideas and supplies that were not available a couple of years ago. I am really interested in the Pennies for the Planet Program.

  2. I love love love the DEAR Day! Partly because I love Beverly Cleary, but also because I just plain love to read! And I love passing that passion onto my students!!

  3. First of all I love the Differentiated Instruction Flip Chart and would like to add it to my school supplies. Next the other blogs are also very items to have . Please continue sending us all the lastest materials for our classrooms. Suzy

  4. I have a Common Core flip chart from Mentoring Minds and LOVE it! Would love a differentiation flip chart as well!

  5. Thanks I will be using the Dear Day resource. I love to have special celebration days in my classroom and here is a new one for me.

  6. I would love to participate in the Drop Everything and Read day on April 12th with my kindergarten students. They love to read books.

  7. I want to find and try out the Prang markers. I was just telling a mother of twins almost two years old about Prang crayons made of soy based material, which would be perfect for the twins as they like to eat crayons.

  8. Okay, I’m biased, but I have to go with the Prang Challenge! My students were commenting yesterday about how much better the markers are because the yellow shows up on darker colored construction paper. And metallic watercolors!? Wow!

  9. Differentiated Instruction flip chart from Mentoring Minds. This would be great to help with planning, now that we are implementing the Common Core Standards.

  10. Teaching in a diverse classroom makes it a MUST to have differentiated material. By having differentiated instruction, it allows me to cover all areas of Blooms. One hat does not fit all. Integrating the differentiated flip chart would allow me to teach to the child not to the class.

  11. I would love to win the Mentoring Minds Differentiated Instruction flip chart. I have a very wide range of abilities in my room including special needs children and I find it a challenge to always meet the needs of each of them. I would love a resource that can assist me in being a more effective teacher. Thank you.

  12. I love the Foss kits! Science is not my strongest subject to teach, but the kits have everything you need and are very easy to use. I love how they allow students to dive deep into Science and are very hands-on!

  13. I want to try and find the Prang markers. I love the Pennies for the Planet Program, I am very interested in new ideas especially on how to help the environment. I am very interested in the FOSS Science website. Thank you for all the helpful resources and ideas that I can utilize in my classroom.

  14. OMG! This is awesome- if only I could be so fortunate. I teach 26-30 4th grade students with inclusion in a moderate poverty area. My personal piggy bank has hit its own poverty level and yet there is so much they still need. This would be such a blessing in so many differnet areas. The Foss Science materials would be of great benefit to their understanding of abstract concepts. Prang- wonderful supplies for those forgetful children to leave the caps partially off, and who doesn’t need help with differentiation- I know I do! I love the fact that this is even offered- Amazing!

  15. I have been eyeing the Differentiated Instruction flip chart from Mentoring Minds for a while now. I totally believe in differentiated teaching, timing is my big problem. I’m always looking for something to help me better time manage so ALL my students get the instruction they need.

  16. The Pennies for the Planet campaign is a popular idea among students. I would love to check out the differentiated instruction flip chart. I plan to look into the Prang Challenge as well!

  17. I totally need to win this chart! I could put it to use right now in my classroom. My students are all different and having the ideas and strategies in this chart, would make it much easier for me to find ways to differentiate and help them be successful with their learning!

  18. I would love the differentiated instruction flip chart. I am always searching for new ideas and ways to manage groups.

  19. My students have many learning styles and the strategy chart on differentiation would be god send to help all levels of learning in my classroom.

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