Will We Ever Get There?

The people: My best friend, Jules, and me

The plan: We will travel overseas for Thanksgiving

The problems: Planning with a three hour time difference (she’s in California, and I’m in North Carolina), flight hassles, lodging issues, inability to speak French

So that pretty much sums it up. I love to travel—and I really love to travel with my best friend, Jules. But planning a large-scale trip makes us both lose our minds. By the time we actually go on our trip, we will barely be sane. This could make the traveling extra fun. Or it could cause a major international incident. It’s really a toss up.

Because life is funny, I also just wrote a transportation unit for The Mailbox® magazine Preschool edition. Isn’t it amusing when life follows a theme? Here are two of my current favorite transportation ideas—a “What’s Missing?” reproducible and a seriously cute car wash song. Enjoy! And cross your fingers that I actually make it on a plane in November.

Color Chant Poster (2)

Student Activity Sheet (2)

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