Who Knew? Certainly Not Me!

In looking for some interesting facts to get kids excited about measurement, I discovered some real doozies. Here’s an example: a woodpecker’s tongue can wrap around its head twice. Right away, I envisioned that poor woodpecker with its tongue tightly wound around its head! Then I came to my senses and decided this fact was purely math—the length of the bird’s tongue compared to the circumference of its head. How cool is that?

So how long is a woodpecker’s tongue? I had to find out. As it turns out it’s almost four inches long, which is about one-third the length of the bird’s entire body. And get this! A woodpecker’s tongue is soooooo long, that in order to fit inside the bird’s tiny head, the tongue coils behind its skull, over its eyes, and into its right nostril. Picture that, will you!

Okay, back to measurement. Here’s a fact your kiddos can put to the test. Did you know your foot and your forearm are same the length? Try it! It’s true. Or if you’re like me, I simply placed my shoe on my forearm. It seemed like the most sensible thing to do at that moment! :+)

Learning is soooooooooooo much fun!

Don’t you agree?




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