Who Is Alfred Butts?

You know how I like to do this—put an unusual name in a title so you’ll think “Whaaaat?” Well, this is a real dude and his birth date is today, April 13. I’ve never met the man. He was born in 1899, so I’m pretty sure he’s no longer with us. So who is Mr. Butts? Drum roll please… Mr. Butts is the inventor of Scrabble, and today, April 13, is National Scrabble Day. Cool, indeed.

I never played Scrabble as a kid, but I’m rather hooked on it as an adult. And it’s not because I excel at playing the game. I can say with certainly that I’ve never before won a game of Scrabble. I am truly a dismal opponent, and yet I still find the game challenging and fun. Yes, I am a geek.

How about you? Do you enjoy a game of Scrabble? Or maybe you’ve found ways to incorporate the game into your teaching. Let me know!

Happy Scrabble Day!



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