“When Pencil Met Eraser”: Win The Book That Celebrates School Supplies and Friendship

Most teachers love school supplies. The promise held by a newly sharpened pencil, a just-opened pack of construction paper, or a box of crayons with none broken (not to mention that amazing new crayon smell) is universal. So many possibilities!

When Pencil Met Eraser (Imprint) celebrates school supplies, friendship, and the power of working together. You can win it by answering this question: What’s your favorite school supply? Comments for our random drawing are due by Thursday, August 22. (Update: Congratulations to Kelly, our lucky winner!) Good luck!


Then check out these freebies and contests that are perfect for Back to School:


What’s your teacher superpower? Share and you could win! 100 teachers will receive $100 of Learning Without Tears products, and one super-winner will receive the $500 grand prize. All entrants get a downloadable back to school poster. Grab your cape and click here to enter!


Be right on time, every time, with the Time Timer MAX. You can win this big 17″ x 17″ timer, which is valued at $149.95. It’s large enough to see across the room and has eight timers in one plus customizable durations. Enter here: learningmagazine.com/freebies-and-more. If you opt to buy the timer, use code MAX at timetimer.com for 25% off.



Plan ahead for National Unplugged Play Day on September 28. Sponsored by the Wikki Stix Unplug Movement, the event encourages students to turn off their electronic devices and enjoy hands-on play. Let parents know to watch for events at local retailers or order a kit online at wikkistix.com/unplugged.


My favorite school supply is a pen with purple ink. The tip can’t be too fine or else I’ll gouge my paper, and the ink needs to flow smoothly. That’s perfection!


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  1. Glue sticks are a treasured supply in my classroom especially with the use of interactive notebooks. We never seem to have enough!

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