What’s Your Theme?

An outer space welcome unit!

When I plan the features for The Mailbox® magazine Preschool edition, I always struggle over what to put in the “Welcome to School” unit in the August/September issue. It’s such an odd time of the year because you’re working on classroom routines and rules, plus you’re getting acquainted with your little ones. Yet I know that many of you begin your year with a theme. Apples is always a big one! But doing apples every year could make everyone involved feel a little rotten. (Ha! Do you see what I did there?)


I’ve done dinosaurs, outer space, cowboys and cowgirls, royalty—and, of course, apples. Click on the images to go to a couple fun “Welcome to School” features. Outer space is a particular favorite of mine! What is your favorite back-to-school theme? I’m always looking for new ones, and I would love to see your ideas!

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Theme?

  1. I have been starting my year off with Pete the Cat for the last 2 years. We make headbands, masks and puppets all week long. I have a Pete puppet who discusses rules and routines. Last year we even made a Pee the Cat scarecrow for city wide scarecrow walk and won second place. Most importantly the kids fall in love with Pete.

  2. I love to use a monster theme with my little ones. They love the little creatures that fill our classroom and hallway. There is so much you can do with the theme.

  3. My school is divided into 3 themes – one hallway is the ocean, one hallway is the jungle, and the 3rd & 4th grade building has a Texas theme. Our beginning-of-year themes are based on which area we are in. I’m in the ocean hallway. I love it. Books and activities are easy to find. 🙂

  4. This year we are trying a new theme using Pete the Cat by reading a different book each week. Pete the Cat The Wheels on the Bus, Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, and Rocking in my School Shoes -with these topics we will introduce colors, numbers, and bus and School rules. I am really excited to use this series-my grandchild loves Pete the Cat and at 2 years old she sings the “Groovy Button” song all the time.

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