What’s the Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Found? Share for a Chance to WIN!

This headline grabbed my attention: “Teacher Finds 2.12 Carat Diamond at State Park.” According to the article, the 36-year-old Nebraska teacher was visiting Crater of Diamonds State Park (I want to go there!) in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, when he noticed a shiny brown stone that looked distinctly different from the others. Yep, it was a diamond.

That got me wondering, what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found? It could be something found on a street, at a park, at school, anywhere. Share and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a book I consider to be a real gem, What Does an Anteater Eat? (Nosy Crow) by Ross Collins. Submit your comment to our blog by Thursday, September 19, to be entered into our random drawing. Congratulations to our lucky winner Linda Harren!


I think all of this week’s fun freebies are great finds that pack a lot of value. Take a look!


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Speaking of fun finds, my cousin’s son once found a $20 bill lying just inside a trash can. You could say he cashed in on trash! 


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23 thoughts on “What’s the Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Found? Share for a Chance to WIN!

  1. I found a scrap of notebook paper with this written on it in spidery old writing-
    “4 things come not back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, time past, and the neglected opportunity.” It was on the kitchen table of a house we were looking at and thought was too grand for us. Needless to say, we live there still!

  2. The coolest thing I ever found was a few years ago, my husband & I were redoing our front flower bed and digging through the dirt, we dug up an old plastic army guy that my boys had played with in the dirt when they were little boys. I have the army guy in my windowsill in the kitchen.

  3. Years ago when I was working in an academic library, I was walking thru the microfiche/film room and found a bat sitting on the floor. I almost stepped on him yelled very loudly and was shushed by the patrons until the realized why I was yelling.

  4. I’m the one usually LOSING things, but I recently lost my mother and a clairvoyant told me pennies found in odd places were a sign of her. It seems every time I’m starting to feel down a penny pops up. Gives me a warm feeling, encouragement, and a smile …..thinking of my mother playing the penny slots!!!! =0) Of course a penny would be her sign!

  5. I found a baby squirrel in the road in front of my house. It was sitting next to its mother who had obviously been run over by a car. I took it to a vet. The vet said the squirrel baby was healthy and told me how to make squirrel liquid baby food for him. He grew up healthy and happy and had a wonderful life cuddling with me and my family. His favorite thing to do was to watch TV while being held and petted by me or someone else in the family. A few years after he died, I found another baby squirrel next to its dead mother in the road. I took him to the vet and kept him as a pet too. Both were exceptionally wonderful furry friends.

  6. Years ago, when Elton John wss going to perform at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater, I wanted to go so bad but couldn’t afford tickets. Day before tickets went on sale, I came home from work and walked up to my mailbox to get my mail and looked down. There was the biggest wad of bills I’d ever seen! It was enough to buy TWO tickets to see Elton John! Once I confirmed it didn’t belong to my mailman, I celebrated and bought my tickets the next day!

  7. I went to that same diamond mine park as a kid we dug a huge hole and I got a bag of quartz to show for it…lol but on that same vacation I found a $50 bill in a rest stop parking lot after an RV pulled out and I thought I was so rich!! The next place we stopped I bough souvenirs for my family so everyone got a lil something from my “big find”. I think I was 8/ 9ish at the time 🙂

  8. Coins! I pick up change whenever I see it throughout the year. I put the change in a bank, and right before Christmas I wrap it. I cash in the coins, then I put the money towards Christmas gifts. It really adds up!

  9. I found a tiny kitten once when taking a walk. I thought I was hearing a bird, but it was this tiny thing mewing. I think maybe the mother cat was moving her litter, and dropped her or forgot about her. We took her home and loved her to pieces, she turned into the most beautiful cat.

  10. It’s a simple rock but it’s the shape of a large tooth. I tell my first graders that it could be a dinosaur tooth complete with a cavity. It makes a great lead for writing.

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