What’s Great About the Grade You Teach?

Blog-Boys-orangeI’m surprised every time I hear middle school teachers rave about teaching middle school. Honestly, I get shivers just thinking about the possibility of landing a teaching job in a middle school. I’m not sure which terrifies me more—the subject matter or the kiddos! What I think is super-duper is that teachers most often love the grades they teach.  

So, here’s my question for you. What do you like most about the grade you teach? If you’ve taught several grades, you can tell us which grade you prefer and why. Or you can explain the perks of each of the different grades you’ve taught. I think teachers who are in transition from one grade to another or who are just starting out will find your thoughts inspiring, encouraging, and downright comforting!

Eager to hear!


7 thoughts on “What’s Great About the Grade You Teach?

  1. I Love my 4 year class. No matter how rough the day is I always can find something to laugh about. The fun I have during any holiday is awesome. But I think most of all I love the aha moment and with 4 year olds there are lots of them. I have taught 2 year, 3 year and 5 year olds loved it but nothing beats my 4 year olds

  2. I love teaching prek because I see so much academic growth in them throughout the year. At the beginning I get nervous and think, “Oh! How am I going to teach these students all they need to know?!” However, before the year is over, they’ve completed what they are required to know in prek have moved up to kinder skills. Just thinking about it brings me happy tears! 🙂

  3. I work within an inclusion class. The 2 best things are that #1, I have a brain injury so my memory and judgement have been somewhat compromised. The teacher with which I work has lead group homes and knows about those 2 issues intimatly. #2 is that with my weaknesses, the students have No Idea that I have those 2 problems.

    • Hi Terry! The preschool magazine is the only magazine available in print. The other grade levels are available as online/digitalmagazines only.

      The digital issues take a little bit of getting used to, however they are sooooo easy to search. There’s no more flipping through numerous magazines to find what you want. You can simply search your magazine issues (or the entire site) to find what you are looking for. It’s very nifty!

  4. I prefer the 2nd grade; I’ve taught kindergarten and 1st as well. 2nd graders consider what’s right for others as well as themselves. They engage in conversations and present opposing points of view. They are beginning to understand jokes, riddles, and knock-knock jokes. Difficult math concepts are a fun challenge for them. Most of them understand that it is their job to learn, and they work hard and enjoy learning. 2nd graders are blossoming little adults.
    I will have 1st grade this coming year, and I love how they love their teacher, their trust and confidence that the teacher loves them and wants the best for them. Their young brains learn so much, and it’s so rewarding to compare their September/January/May reading assessments. 1st graders are so smart!
    Kindergartners are so eager to please their teachers! They are excited to learn classroom procedures and routines that help them to be successful students.
    My favorite grade to teach is the one I have at the moment. Each of these young persons is a treasure that I am privileged to teach.

  5. I have taught several grades, everything from kindergarten to fifth grade in my special education classroom. My favorite thing to teach is reading regardless of the grade. There is nothing better than seeing a struggling reader gain the confidence to read text to me rather than me reading to them!

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