What’s Before Your Email Signature?


How do you end your email? A simple “sincerely” worked well for just about any letter in days gone by. However, most of my correspondence, and I suspect yours too, is now via email and I’m wondering how to end on a good note. “Thank you,” while nice, isn’t always appropriate. I stole “warm regards” from a well respected teacher until my daughter told me that was “just weird.” I’ve seen a lot of people sign off with “best” but then I always wonder, “best what?” For a while everyone seemed to be using “regards” but that has mysteriously fallen out of fashion. Someone recently suggested, “talk to you later” which I like and think is friendly and simple. But, is it too friendly for business?   I’d like to find a quick, standard “catch all” phrase that is both friendly and professional. I’m looking for your advice on this one!

2 thoughts on “What’s Before Your Email Signature?

  1. When corresponding with my student’s parents I use the closing:
    Your partner in education,
    I want my parents to know we are working together for the good of their child.

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