What Would You Miss?

Lately, I have been demonstrating creative activities for YouTube videos from The Mailbox. (They haven’t been posted quite yet, but they will be soon!) I found that sharing these fun activities takes me right back to the classroom. I almost feel like there should be a bunch of wiggly students gathered around me. (In reality, the only person in the room is Taylor, our digital media designer, and I’m pretty sure he already knows how to combine and separate sets and recognize the letter L.)

 I love my job, and I feel like I contribute to the education of many, many children. But sometimes I do miss seeing those excited faces looking up at me. I think the part of a teacher’s day I miss most is storytime.

My favorite read aloud, with optional headband.

My favorite read aloud, with optional headband.

I love reading books aloud and using all the different voices. I can do “Yertle the Turtle” like nobody’s business!

If you are currently teaching, what would you miss about your job if you moved to a different profession? If you aren’t teaching, what do you miss?

6 thoughts on “What Would You Miss?

  1. I would miss the students the most if I decided to stop teaching. Most of the time, students are happy-go-lucky and often brighten my day. They go with the flow when I want to shout, “No, this is not the best way to use my time in the classroom!” Teaching keeps me on my toes and allows me to work with various groups of kids throughout the day as well as move around.

  2. It is the kids! No day is ever the same. Without the ups and downs of the day, the light bulb moments, the tears, the screams of joy, I would not enjoy this job as much as I do!!

  3. The laughter not just the kiddos but my own. Without a doubt I laugh everyday because the kids just make me. No matter what is going on in my personal life they can make me laugh.

  4. I am retired and I miss the stories they tell (and sometimes shouldn’t tell), the educational crafts we do, and sharing experiences with my fellow teachers.

  5. Missed 9 months due to a surgery gone bad. Missed every day that i was not in class but it was the thought of getting back into the classroom that helped with my recovery. The hugs make it alll better.

  6. I am retired, and I do miss literature – read aloud time with the students. We always enjoyed discussions about the books and the connections from that were wonderful. I miss the many aha moments when a student who just couldn’t get it – got it!!!!!!! I even miss the planning and getting the room ready for a new adventure, theme or month. Subbing helps keep me involved, but it isn’t the same.

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