What Have You Discovered? Share and Win This Kit

Discovery is a word full of such promise; whether I’ve discovered a treasure trove of free lessons and activities, an amazing new app for identifying plants and animals, or the missing purple sock behind the dryer, discoveries are almost always fun.

What’s one thing you’ve discovered recently that made you happy? Submit a comment to this blog to share and you’ll have a chance to win the Discovery Globe Kit (Candlewick Press). With this build-your-own-globe kit, you and your junior explorers will learn about all kinds of places and people around the world. Submit your comment by Thursday, March 5. One lucky teacher will discover that she or he has been randomly selected to win! Congratulations to our winner Traci!

Here are some other discoveries worth sharing:

Early childhood teachers, check out these new materials from Peppa Pig. Each month you’ll find a featured episode and activity calendar plus videos with quick-and-easy Peppa-themed crafts and snacks such as Muddy Puddles Pudding. Plus you’ll have a chance at monthly prizes, too—Amazon gift cards for classroom supplies and Peppa prize packs. Try it at TheMailbox.com/PeppaPig.

Load up on creative crafts and awesome art ideas—all free—at dickblick.com/lesson-plans. You’ll find hundreds to choose from!




Quizizz has hundreds of ready-to-use quizzes for live games or homework in English, math, science, social studies, and more. Get a free account at quizizz.com.



I’m off to dig up more fun freebies and (hopefully) make some amazing discoveries. Wish me luck!


19 thoughts on “What Have You Discovered? Share and Win This Kit

  1. How can I describe the amazing things I learn AND can pass on to my students? I LOVE reading the new information and the ideas that come from the mailbox and the comments and help from other teachers!

  2. I have an after school running club and I love how encouraging they are to each other. I always hear “Good job, nice running” even to the slowest of the group. How do can I not smile when the speedier ones come back to help the slower ones finish strong.

  3. I was cleaning out a junk drawer and found a small ceramic animal that my son made in kindergarten – he is now 26 years old….. sigh!

  4. I discovered an ear ring I had been missing for years in the basement. I think my cat found it upstairs and took it down in the basement to play with and I just happened to find it when it was out in the “open.”

  5. I have discovered that even though I teach 5th grade science…I’m not always “Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”! I knew this when a student asked if I even took a science class in college.????‍♀️????❤️

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