What Do Your Students Want to Be When They Grow Up? Tell Us and Have a Chance to WIN!

What careers do your students dream of? Doctor? Video game designer? Inventor? Teacher? To let us know, submit a comment to the blog by 11:59 pm EST Sunday, November 1, 2015. I’ll randomly select a teacher to win two books from The Mailbox!  (Update: congratulations to Kim, who is the winner of our prize.)

Here’s a quick way to get students started on the careers of their dreams. Download free Common Core skill builders that teach life lessons on choosing a career, earning money, saving, spending, and more.

Plus you’ll have a chance to enter a special sweepstakes for teachers and win $500 from Upromise; one teacher gets the big prize and three runners-up each win $100. Enter here!

Can’t wait to hear what your students are dreaming of. Fingers crossed that we have some excellent future teachers who are learning from the best—you!

Have a great weekend,


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31 thoughts on “What Do Your Students Want to Be When They Grow Up? Tell Us and Have a Chance to WIN!

  1. I have one student that wants to be a Diva- she told me she needs to” work on her walk and attitude”. Most of my students want to be teachers or doctors.

    Teachers need to check out the Upromise CC skills builders great lessons to have on a day before a long weekend.

  2. Those choices were good, but I do have a student who wants to be a bartender. Oh, and don’t forget, the ever popular dolphin trainer

  3. I have a lot of princesses (we have a class full of girls this year), and one lonely truck driver. But the most humbling one of all is the little one who said “Teacher, I want to grow up to be a teacher, too!” When asked what kind, she said “I want to teach kids like my brother” (a special needs student) So sweet!

  4. My students have lots of career dreams, police officers, football players, nurses, doctors and a Momma. Love them all , because all of them are important in our world!

  5. My students would like to be mommies, photographers, police officers, teachers, a singer, and a monster truck driver. They all say that they are going to college! Hooray!

  6. My students want to be lots of different things….they said fire fighter, police officer, teacher, mommy, cheerleader, ball players. Too many to list!

  7. My students want to be lots of things when they grow up. I’ve heard doctor, police officer, and professional singer to name a few!

  8. A few of my girls want to become teachers. Most of my class want to follow in their parents career path. One little girl will take over her grandma’s bakery.

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