What Do Teachers Do Over the Summer?

This woman is most likely NOT a teacher.

Okay, so we’ve all heard those people who talk about how teachers are so lucky because they get their summers off (blah, blah, blah, ignorant people talking, blah). Most teachers hear this and try to hold back doing violence to the speaker while explaining that there are actually many things that need to get done during the summer months, often while teachers are working a second job. To make things handy, you could just print out the list I’ve made below as an explanation. Then you can smack the person upside the head while he/she is reading. 😉

What do teachers do over the summer?

  1. Take college courses to further education.
  2. Go to professional development workshops.
  3. Study new teaching methods.
  4. Create lesson plans.
  5. Recharge.
  6. Make classroom displays.
  7. Teach summer school/tutor students.
  8. Work a different job.
  9. Wait for floors to be waxed so you can get back into the school to do more work.
  10. Read.


6 thoughts on “What Do Teachers Do Over the Summer?

  1. Catch up with friends that I don’t have time to see during the school year. And of course everything on your list

  2. Teach summer reading, work on things for my classroom, lessons for the up coming year and unpack boxes at my house (just moved into a different house).

  3. Our school is doing a two week Summer Bridge training/practice for the summer. We just got through week one and team teaching has been an eye opening experience.

  4. Just catching up on some much needed rest and caring for my dad who has Dementia. Also I have a up coming 7th grader, have to find time to plan some lesson plans for him as well as some fun things.

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