What Are You Reading?

Can it really be this easy? Heck, it’s just four words! Why not give it a try? These thoughts were twirling in my head after hearing a father explain on national television how he encourages his children to read.

reading book guySimply put, he asks his kids what they are reading. He doesn’t toss the question out every Friday morning at the breakfast table. His approach is casual and off-the-cuff. The last thing he wants is his kids thinking he’s interrogating them about their reading. He simply wants them to know he’s interested. This father believes his attentiveness to and enthusiasm for his children’s reading motivates them to keep reading. Makes sense to me!

Now it’s my turn to ask, “What are you reading?” It’s summer! I hope it’s something fun!

Last night, I finished Killer Ambition by Marcia Clark. Zowee!


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5 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Mary Stewart book of 4 novels: Touch Not the Cat, The Gabriel Hounds, This Rough Magic, and 60 pages to go to finish My Brother Michael.

    • I am reading digital photography books because I am starting a new venture in my life. Along with loving to teach, I have always loved taking photos. I have used film cameras, Polaroid cameras and point and shoot digital cameras (I wish I had a digital SLR camera). These books have practical information and beautiful photos. I have had a few photo shoots with the information I have learned from these books.

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