We’ve Got Crazy Good Stuff

Brace yourself. I’m going to brag about the company where I work. It’s going to be a shocker, because I think we hear a lot of negatives through social media. I know that I went on a rant on my personal Facebook account just the other day about people spreading negative information on social media without checking their facts first. (Don’t get me started!) Anyhoodle, it’s nice to write (and hear) positive things.

I work for a great company! It’s filled with genuinely good people who want to save teachers time and energy. So today’s BIG BRAG is something that will make your school year easier. It’s my favorite piece of The Mailbox. It’s The Mailbox GOLD.

tools1What is this Mailbox GOLD thing? In simple terms, it’s

The Mailbox Magazine Online + CRAZY amounts of good stuff.

 And my favorite piece of the “CRAZY amounts of good stuff” is the “Make & Print Tools.” Look at all these timesavers I made! You get number cards, color cards, clock tools2patterns, coin cards, show your work math pages, three-dimensional figure patterns, animal letter cards, graphic organizers, awards, lotto games, and more.

Yeah, we’ve got your crazy good stuff. Clickity click HERE.



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