Want to Know Everything? Win This Book!

Discover an armadillo the size of a pick-up truck, a robotic duck, a really, really old bowl of noodles, and much more in Absolutely Everything! A History of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots and Other Things Too Numerous to Mention from What on Earth? Books. But use caution; you’ll find hours of your day simply gone once this book is in your hands!

One lucky teacher will win it. (Update: Congratulations to Debra, our lucky winner!) To enter our random drawing, take a guess at how old that really, really old bowl of noodles is, and submit your guess to this blog by Wednesday, January 2. We’ll let you know if you’re our lucky winner!

Here are a few other great resources to “noodle” for your classroom:


The free Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program gives third graders giant cabbage plants to grow every summer. And if students happen to grow a really big cabbage, they might win $1,000! Visit bonniecabbageprogram.com for guides, lesson plans, and more. Sign up now; schools must be registered by February 15, 2019.


Is your science instruction sputtering? Smithsonian’s STC-Elementary offers inquiry-based science for grades 1–5 that covers the Next Generation Science Standards and STEM in a real-world way. Take a peek at carolina.com/stem-science-technology-engineering-math-curriculum/smithsonians-stc-elementary-curriculum/10817.ct.

Hooray 4 Healthy is a free nutrition education curriculum for grades 1–4. The program includes short animated nutrition videos, a physical activity video, discussion guides, and more. Sign up at hooray4healthy.org.

Suddenly I’m craving noodles. But I prefer mine fresh!


PS: Do your little learners love Peppa Pig? Check out the free educational activities here.

26 thoughts on “Want to Know Everything? Win This Book!

  1. Lajia site in China, showed the oldest bowl of noodles ever unearthed. 4000 years old, a very long time to be served.

  2. This is one cool book! Noodles date back to China – maybe the Han Dynasty is I remember correctly? This book is great for morning meeting topics. Thanks for sharing it!

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