Two Terrific Nature Activities!

Across the street from my home lives a family with two young children. Normally, I don’t see them outside that much. But in quarantine they’re out in their yard pretty much all day, weather permitting. I see them running and playing and generally having a great time. I’ve seen evidence from my Facebook friends that their children are playing outside a lot as well, no doubt because they have lots of time and so parents have a chance to do telework.  

Are you teaching students digitally? If you are and your students have access to green spaces, you might want to engage them in activities that involve items found in nature. Here are two good options!

  1. Have students go out in their yards, with permission, to collect twigs, leaves, and seeds. Then have your students sort their collections. If desired, have each child glue his choice of items from the collection to a sheet of paper to create a collage.

2. Have each child go outside, with permission, and find a leaf. Have her glue the leaf to a sheet of paper and add crayon details to create a leaf person. Then encourage her to write a story about the leaf person’s adventures in the home.


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