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Yep, you read that right! This month our First Friday Giveaway is, well, double! When you leave your answer to the question below you will be entered for a chance to win our First Friday Giveaway prize which is pictured. (Isn’t that penguin adorable? He’s soooo plump!) You will also be vying to be the person who leaves the 40,000th comment here at The Mailbox Blog. The person who leaves comment number 40,000 will also receive a prize! How’s that for a twofer! There’s just one important thing to remember. You must leave your comment before Valentine’s Day 2019! Here’s your question: 

What is your favorite theme or skill to teach during the month of February?

Good luck!


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231 thoughts on “Two Giveaways in One!

  1. President’s Day theme. The kids find in two groups find 50 Facts on Washington and 50 on Lincoln. We share for the 100th Day of school.

  2. I love February and cannot pick one: Groundhog’s Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day, Black History Month, Dental Health Month! It is a cornucopia of learning and fun!

  3. I love to teach contrast and compare through food-person stories! We read The Gingerbread Man, Senorita Gordita, The Matazo Ball Boy, and Stinky Cheese Man! We conclude the unit by writing our own stories!

  4. I use a snowman theme to teach ELA, math and science skills. I like to read the “Snowmen at Night” books and “The Sneezy Snowman” to name a few.

  5. Graphing and data! We graph everything February related; Valentine’s Day, Black History month, 100th day, Groundhog Day, weather, virtues, you name it!

  6. Graphing and data! We graph everything February related; Valentine’s Day, Black History month, 100th day, Groundhog Day, weather, virtues, you name it!

  7. Dental health! My preschoolers love to practice “flossing” playdough out of mega blocks and painting with tooth brushes!

  8. Friendship and “Valentine’s Day inspired science experiments! I’m looking forward to introducing “love yoga cards”

  9. I love February – shortest month but the busiest – Lincoln, Washington, dental month, black history, presidents day, groundhog day, leap year – which is my favorite??

  10. My favorite thing to teach in February is kindness which goes right along with Valentine’s Day. I also Love to incorporate a lot of writing in February!

  11. Kindness and friendship. I read the book “Heartprints” and we talk about how to show kindness to others. Throughout the month we try to “catch” each other showing kindness and try to fill our wall with heartprints (cut our hearts with name and action on it)

  12. We are starting a big gratitude theme for our whole program, which I am very excited to talk to my preschoolers about. And also in Feburary we talk about our friends and families, how we can be kind and show love.

  13. I have two favorites. I love our valentines unit, it’s fun to make all the crafts, and I love to do our dental hygiene unit because we have a special visitor come and talk to the kids about dental health

  14. As a Christian based preschool we use “Jesus loves the children to build on “love” associated with February. We talk about how Jesus loves all the children of the world.

  15. Skills as in shadows , dental month dealing with clean teeth m being kind for valentines , so many I’m such a short month then including leap year talking about months and seasons

  16. My favorite lessons to teach in February are poetry lessons. We discuss love for others and love for self through studying couplets, lyrics, and free verse poems. Of course, they write their own too.

  17. We are in “How to…” writing. Our first topic is “How to show love”. We discuss that showing those we love isn’t one day a year or a big gesture. It’s helping mom with the dishes without being asked. Making a small gift for no reason. Volunteering to be class shoe tie-er for a week. Holding doors. They really get into being able to say I love you without words on a daily basis.

  18. Love yourself through learning life long skills… like long division and your multiplication facts. It’s the best thing thou can give yourself, your parents, your future spouse, and future children… the ability to know how to manage numbers so you can provide and prosper your family.

  19. Love yourself through learning life long skills… like long division and your multiplication facts. It’s the best thing you can give yourself, your parents, your future spouse, and future children… the ability to know how to manage numbers so you can provide and prosper your family.

  20. I love our kindness challenge, teaching students about Chinese New Year (and trying to eat with chopsticks), and learning about the Presidents.

  21. I teach my kindergarteners to make a heart by writing a 2 on a folded piece of paper. Once they know how to make a heart, we spend the next week making hearts for people we love. They give them out to people all around the school and take many more home to give away there. They get so excited about being able to make something to give to someone else. Share the love everyone ❤️

  22. I love teaching about community helpers in February. It is perfect to set up a lost office and work on writing, since it is Dental awareness in February we love to bring in a dentist and follow up with a doctor’s office and work on healthy bodies with exercise and healthy eating. Then a beauty shop or a construction site to play in.

  23. My favorite thing to teach the littles about in February is hibernation. They live to pretend being bears and other animals that hibernate.

  24. My favorite theme to do during February, other than Valentine’s would be black history month..we have lots of hands on activities scheduled..

  25. Valentine themed materials
    Valentine’s Math Bingo use sweetheart for the chips. Everyone is a winner because they can eat their candy when their done.
    Valentine’s writing assignment poems
    Valentine’s cake in a cup physical and chemical change

  26. Our 100th day of school is February 15th this year if we don’t have any more snow days. 100 is such a big number for a first grader and I try to find “100” activities to do during the day, all day.

  27. Kindness, Acceptance, Diversity, Friendship….and that brown is a Valentines’ Day color because it’s the color of chocolate! =0)

  28. My favorite unit is a sled dog unit. We have a sled dog race in our town in February. We learn about what it takes to be a part of a team, invite mushers in to talk, and we even have our own race.

  29. Kindness…we use our classroom Sci-Tech lab to demonstrate a simple experiment relating to Matter. We mix student safe & friendly mixes to demonstrate how kindness can overflow from a plastic bottle when everyone agrees to be kind kind to other, a classroom given. Kindness Matters!

  30. My favorite theme to teach in February is Black History! The students are always so intrigued and it has led to some wonderful teaching moments about being fair, kind and considerate to others feelings!

  31. I have enjoyed using The Bucket List for Kids in teaching how to build others up. It’s perfect to use along with Valentine’s Day!

  32. My favorite is actually President’s Day and 100th Day of School. As a retired teacher I used to do 109Facts about George Washington and Lincoln. A
    So We asked all together favorite cookie and students asked all together 100 people after narrowing down to 4 cookies . We bar graphed it. We also did 100 Random Acts of Kindness and make it into a book.

  33. For the month of February, I like to concentrate on Kindness and caring for others. I also incorporate activities for the 100th day of school. I also do activities relating to Groundhog Day and shadows, as well as the Chinese New Year.

  34. I have 2 themes I like this month. Artic animals and friendship. We like to use teal ice or snow in our sensory table with animals. We make friendship bracelets.

  35. Since I teach infants my theme is building friendships. I love be able to teach my little ones new things everyday and I love when they find something new.

  36. My favorite theme to teach this month is Plants and animals, because where I am, it’s that time that I can start planting fresh flowers and garden plants!!! We are also working on putting first things first! This is time for my students to start working on what they need to do to put themselves first in school and at home!

  37. Black History month…I teach pre K fours, and I like to read books about Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr. , play music by Jackson Five, Kool and The Gang, ect.

  38. There are too many to choose from. Black History is a favorite we even do a parade where the students dress up like famous African Americans

  39. Bucket Filling and Sending Cards to our home bound seniors to tell them:
    “Some bunny love you”. Homemade cards are the best gifts to give and creates a sense of a special accomplishments.

  40. Main idea and details. We use Super Bowl stories, groundhog stories, Valentine’s Day stories, and it would be great to add penguins!

  41. Tooth fairy and counting. I have a bunch of old pencil tooth toppers we use to practice counting. I have GREAT tooth fairy books! It’s hard to pick ones to read! I read the kids stories and we kid write about the tooth fairy. We also make a tooth fairy to put with our writing. So much fun!

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