True Teacher Stories

Teachers have the best stories! I’ve borrowed two such stories from this site to share with you today. Each one made me smile. Kids are just so honest, funny, and literal. I’m thinkin’ you’re busy preparing for back to school and open house. However, if you’d like to grin with me, take a moment to read each of these short accounts. They are adorable!

Sending smiles your way!


Billy was the resident cowboy of my kindergarten class, coming to school each day dressed in chaps, a vest, and a cowboy hat. One morning, he excitedly told me that his mother was going to have a baby. “I’m going to teach my little brother all the things every cowboy should know, like how to ride a horse and rope a steer,” he exclaimed. “But,” I cautioned, “what if your mother gives you a baby sister?” Billy had never considered this, and the possibility stunned him. He gazed out the window for a moment, before saying with resignation, “Then I’m headin’ west.” John Cimics, Midland, Texas

One day, while teaching kindergarten, the office announced that we should send students who needed to makeup school portraits to the gymnasium. Forgetting that my five-year-olds are very literal, I called one of the girls to my desk. “Sweetie, you need to go to the gym now for makeup pictures,” I said. She stopped and looked at me with the strangest expression. “Exactly how much makeup are they going to be putting on me?” she asked. “’Cause I don’t think my mom is going to like that very much!” —Kimberly Hatton, Tuscumbia, Alabama



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