Treats for Tips?

Trick-or-Treat-Blog-BearYes, that’s right! You share a tip with me and you could receive a treat from me. And you get to choose your treat. You may choose cash or a gift certificate. And I’ll also tuck in something sweet! So what kind of tips am I looking for? I’d like to know how you encourage your students to look back over their assignments before they turn them in. Tips will be evaluated in the order in which they arrive, so post yours right away!

Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Treats for Tips?

  1. I have my students use their highlighter to mark their sentences or responses/answers to show me that they have gone back over their responses.

  2. I have a special set of gel pens that are only to be used for checking over and revising work. When students come to me with their “completed” work, I give them one of the special gel pens to go back over the work. They love the pens so much that they actually look forward to double checking and making changes.

  3. Like Raemi, I put a yellow highlighter by the work tray so students can highlight their name before they turn in their work.

  4. My favorite method is a rubric for students to mark themselves-I loved when teachers used it in school. The rubric delineates what constitutes each mark-ex. A+ would have no spelling or grammar errors, a strong argument and 3 supporting paragraphs, a conclusion summarizing your statement in a thoughtful manner etc. Students check off that they completed the requirements and know how to reach the highest grade.

  5. I have my students to double check all of their work before turning it in. The catchy part is will they use it? For example, when they are counting objects in math, they are to put a mark on each object and find out how many they had in all. To double check, they go back and count each object again and put another mark on the object. Did they get the same number? If so, they are probably correct. If not, they will need to go back and recheck the problem.

    • Hi Raemi! Check your email. There just might be a notice of a sweet treat coming your way! (If you don’t find an email from me, please check your trash or spam folder for one!)

  6. I made a writer’s checklist that matches each rubric so that the students can check each part of their writing that we are working on. The checklists seem to mske more sense to them than the rubrics do.

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