Kim here. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and I’m continuing our giveaway extravaganza with a huge pack of triangular barrel Pentel pens and the super fun educational card game, TOOT!

Yes, the name of the game is TOOT!


Because I am mentally 8 years old, the name of the game made me giggle. And it will probably make your students giggle as well! But with this neat card game, a “toot” is a playable card or group of cards. And there are actually four different games to play with one pack of cards! That’s a lot of educational fun.

To enter for a chance to win this prize pack, simply type in the comment section below and tell me the name of your favorite game when you were a child. Just be sure to do this before midnight, May 13.

156 thoughts on “TOOT!

  1. I loved to play Candyland when I was a child…Chutes & Ladders was a very close second. If we’re talking card games, UNO!

    • Hi Christine! Congratulations! You’re the winner of the prize pack containing the TOOT! card game and pack of pens. 🙂 Please send me a personal message at with your address and I’ll put the package in the mail. All the best!

  2. My favorite childhood game was Speed!

    Mary Montoya
    Fairacres Elementary School
    Las Cruces, NM 88011

  3. My favorite childhood game was and still is any type of Memory game. I actually collect them!! I still have my first one that I got when I was five and I’m 37 now!!

  4. My favorite game was Sorry. It was hard to choose because my cousin and I played board games daily.

  5. My favorite game was Operation. My sister and I would play for a very long time. We would get so upset when we made the buzzer go off.

  6. Tripoley was my favorite as a child. My grandmother taught me and my cousins and I have great memories of us all playing together!

  7. my favorite games as a child were pictionary, mousetrap and trivial pursuit. Ooh, and Mille Borne (sp?)

  8. I was always in a hurry to grow up so I liked adult card games: 31, schmere, whist, canasta, poker, cribbage,..

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