’Tis the Season for Fashion Mishaps

I’ve been guilty of arriving at work wearing two different earrings. One day, it was noon before I realized my top was on inside out—and it had a hood on it. Eek! Luckily, I was in my work space most of the morning. Yesterday, we had a good laugh over a colleague’s fashion mishap. Two shoes that, well, sort of matched but not in the way she’d hoped. Similiar style—different colors. 

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is a prime time for mishaps of all shapes and sizes. What’s your latest fashion (or any sort of ) mishap that brought a chuckle to your day? Please share!



4 thoughts on “’Tis the Season for Fashion Mishaps

  1. I once went to work with my shirt inside out. Lol. But the funniest incident was when I showed up at a sign making party with my top inside out. My granddaughter said Grandma your inside out.

  2. One morning my husband dropped off our daughter to preschool in a beautiful red dress with no underwear, It wasn’t until I was driving home that my daughter told me she needed to use her spare school panties.

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