Time for a Refresh? Win This Literacy Book

You’re halfway through the school year, and by now you know what’s working—and what’s not. There’s no better time for a fresh influx of ideas, and that’s what this week’s giveaway is all about!

2-21-17 ILA Literacy Strong book



Post a comment to our blog to let us know what’s working in your classroom. One lucky teacher will win Literacy Strong All Year Long: Powerful Lessons for K–2. To enter our random drawing, post your comment to this blog no later than 11:59 pm EST on March 7, 2017. You could be the lucky winner! (Update: congratulations to Jessica, who is the winner of our prize.)



Here are some other great sources for new literacy ideas:

2-21-17 Fun Phonics



Primary Concepts has a new phonics curriculum called FREEPhonics. And that’s exactly what it is: 82 step-by-step lessons that introduce phonics patterns one by one, all free. You’ll also find assessments, printables, and a free app. Click here to take a peek.




2-21-2017 Pixar in a Box



Free lessons from Khan Academy and Pixar? Sign me up! Just released, Pixar in a Box features behind-the-scenes interviews with award-winning filmmakers who share their advice about storytelling. Take a peek. Six new lessons will be released throughout 2017.





2-21-2017 ILA 3Getting out to talk to colleagues and experts can be the best source of new ideas. Mark your calendar for the International Literacy Association 2017 conference featuring authors and literacy leaders, cutting-edge research, practical ideas, and much more. The conference is in Orlando July 15–17. Get the details.


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PS: Here’s one more freebie that’s a literacy lover’s dream: Enter for a chance to win a set of 30 books from Disney Books. Click here.

16 thoughts on “Time for a Refresh? Win This Literacy Book

  1. I tutor elementary students (one in 2nd grade and one in 3rd grade). They really enjoy listening to me read a passage. Some people don’t realize the value of that. I think teachers today are so overwhelmed in what administrators say they have to do, that sometimes simple ideas get pushed aside, but unfortunately the kids are the ones who suffer. I am always looking for new ideas to help children love reading. Phonics are tough. Recognizing patterns in words are tougher because there are so many exceptions. English is a tricky language and I would love to have this book to use as a resource to help my students who are struggling. 🙂

  2. Hi.
    I am resource teacher for grades k-3. I focus mainly on literacy With my groups. I assess each student and find out which a areas they need to work on ex: letters recognition/sounds, decoding, fluency etc. Together we achieve our literacy goals by taking part in different activities that explore different senses, technology, etc. This book would be a great tool and resource to have in my everyday work with my students. I welcome new and fresh ideas in my work. I love to learn new things and use them in my classroom. I would be thrilled to have such a wonderful resource!!!!

  3. My second grade kiddos love non-fiction right now! I use non-fiction passages about animals and we go on “text feature hunts”. Using different colors they mark up various text features. After reading with a oartner, they use a highlighter to prove their answers to the questions. I am always in need of new ideas ans strategies that will reach my kids and keep them engaged while teaching them critical skills in literacy! I have a range of reading levels in my classrroom, so a K-2 book would provide me with ideas for all!

  4. I start every day with a 5 minute meditation followed by a quick check in before we begin reading instruction. My group of struggling readers have moved from being several lessons behind their classmates to working at grade level. We still have a long way to travel but we are enjoying the often difficult journey of becoming an independent reader.

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