This One Is for the Books!

As teachers we understand that every day is a perfect day to celebrate the joy of reading. We also know that some days are even super-duper perfect! Wednesday, February 5, 2020 is one of those days. It’s World Read Aloud Day—a day to celebrate the joy of reading aloud! Did you know that reading aloud every day can help a child gain a year’s worth of reading progress? I had no idea. 

If you’re wondering how to celebrate this special day, it’s as easy as inviting your kiddos to bring to school something they enjoy reading—a favorite book (fiction, nonfiction, comic, joke, etc.) magazine, cereal box, seed packet, postcard, or even a menu—for a reading celebration. Then ask each student to choose an excerpt to read aloud to the class. Encourage students to read with gobs of expression. Of course all that reading (and listening) might call for a bit of juice and popcorn.

My favorite part of the school day was when I was reading aloud to my kiddos. Often there was laughter. Sometimes there were gasps. A cheer would erupt when I was occasionally persuaded to read for just a bit longer.  

Please tell me you can still find time in your busy schedules to
read aloud to your kiddos!

Hoping so,


10 thoughts on “This One Is for the Books!

  1. I read to my 3rd graders from chapter books with challenging vocabulary and themes. We’re finishing “The Girl Who Could Fly” today!

  2. I make time to read aloud to the children. Each day a child picks a themed book from the bookshelf to be read aloud. Then we all enjoy a delicious and healthy snack of fresh fruit salad.

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