This Book Totally Cracked Me Up: Win It!

Are your students patient? I didn’t think so! In that case your kiddos will relate to this book, in which an impatient caterpillar wants to become a butterfly. But it takes soooooo loooooong…. Can he do it?

To enter our random drawing, submit a comment to this blog to let us know when you’re most likely to be impatient. (Update: Congratulations to Tracey, our lucky winner!) Send your comment by Wednesday, February 27; one lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win.


Here are some other freebies and goodies that I’m passing on this week:

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I could use a little more patience every day. The very impatient caterpillar may be my new hero!

Waiting patiently for you to submit your comments,


PS: Learning magazine now has a free digital mini-mag. Check it out here.

39 thoughts on “This Book Totally Cracked Me Up: Win It!

  1. I am impatient when a kid (or anyone) looks at you and you can tell they have not been listening to a word I’ve said. BTW I was just introduced to this book and it is HILARIOUS!!

  2. When kids run everywhere all the time, and then we have a fire drill and I can barely get them to get out of the room! lol

  3. I’m impatient with an adult who doesn’t get what I’m talking about, but a student does get what I’m talking about. This book looks great for my class of kindergarteners. If I don’t win, I’m going to get the book!

  4. I am impatient when staff members in my school do not understand that special needs learners do not access curriculum and social situations in the same way that typical children do.

  5. I am impatient when my students have been in specials, and I have an incredible lesson all set up and ready to go. I can’t wait for them to cime back and see what they will be getting into!

  6. When I’m supposed to be going home and someone needs to talk to me about something “important” but it really could wait until the following morning

  7. When I post directions, explain them, ask if anyone needs clarification and tell them to begin and a kid walks up to me and says what am I suppose to do!!!
    Or when my kids look at me and do something I just told them not to do it!!

  8. I get very impatient when I am finished in the check out line at the grocery store and my husband is still looking at things and reading EVERY label. I mean, what guy does that?

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