These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All (Including a Classroom Projector)!

I have a special treat for you. Starting today and over the next several months, I’ll be giving away classroom products that are winners of Learning magazine’s 2016 Teachers’ Choice Awards! These are the very best in classroom-tested, teacher-recommended products. How do I know? Our nationwide panel of teacher-judges tested and evaluated them in their classrooms. The teacher-judges are real preschool through grade 8 teachers using the products with real students and providing real feedback. (And that makes me real excited!) The Teachers’ Choice Award designation is given to the best of the best.


Here’s what you need to do: post a comment to this blog by 11:59 pm EST on November 22, 2015, to tell me which of the award-winning products below would be perfect in your classroom. From the comments, I’ll randomly select one teacher to win all the products in today’s post—a value of over $650! That’s a lot to win! Congratulations to Michelle. She’s the winner of these products!


And the winning-products for today are…

Epson PowerLite 99WH: Let there be light! That’s right—you could win this bright and user-friendly classroom projector. It comes with advanced connectivity and premium audio, and is perfect for any classroom. (TCA for the Classroom)


Write This Way: How Modeling Transforms the Writing Classroom from Capstone: As students watch an adult writer think, talk, and write, they develop the skills to create polished, purposeful writing. This book shows you how to put modeling to work in your grades K–5 classroom. (TCA for Professional Development)


TREND enterprises Dinosaur Mighty Match Challenge Cards: The action-packed games on these cards build reading and vocabulary skills as players ages 3 and up match picture to picture or picture to fun fact. (TCA for the Family)


MySELF: Social Emotional Learning Foundations from Newmark Learning: The engaging books in this series help build social and emotional intelligence for preschoolers through grade 1 students while developing early literacy. Teacher’s Guides offer explicit support and include tips for English learners. (TCA for Preschool)


Discovery Education Techbook app: This app is a winner and a freebie! It lets students in grades K–12 download Science Techbook and Social Studies Techbook content when Internet access is available so, when they’re offline, they can still access that content on their iPads. (TCA for the Classroom)



Don’t forget to post your comment today! Then watch for future posts for a chance to win more of our Teachers’ Choice Award–winning products. All told, I’ll be giving away nearly 60 of them!


Fingers crossed for you,


PS: Want to see all the Teachers’ Choice Award winners for 2016? Go to and click on “Teachers’ Choice Awards” in the menu. Then watch this blog to have a chance to win your favorites!

37 thoughts on “These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All (Including a Classroom Projector)!

  1. I like the I can stay calm books. Children are under so much pressure these days that we can all learn how to stay calm. Susan

  2. Oh my, I want them all. The projector could be used to help with training events for the 18 classrooms that I coach/mentor. The tech stuff would be wonderful additions to any classrooms. I am especially interested in the Social Emotional Learning Foundations. Serving at-risk children means, at least to me, that many of them have seen and experienced difficult and frightening things. I would love to build a workshop around this material for the teachers so we could all better support the children we teach and the families we serve.

  3. The prizes are all great! I would love to win the Epson Powerlite 99WH. I’m the library media specialist and this would add so much to my lessons!

  4. Let there be light… The Epson powerlite would be
    a great way to light up my room as I model lessons for teachers and students alike.

  5. These all sound like wonderful products. They would be very beneficial to my students. Thank you for all of these opportunities.

  6. WOW! Write This Way: How Modeling Transforms the Writing CLassroom would be an AMAZING addition to our second grade classroom!Second graders are so eager and motivated to author their own stories – I would love to be able to better guide and support them. Thank you so much for all of the amazing articles and resources you provide for teachers. We are so blessed to have you helping us – teaching is a challenge, your resources make it so much easier (and fun!) Keep up the great work!

  7. Oh My goodness love all the prizes but I would love the Stay calm books for my prek class would be wonderful as would the projector.
    This is like a special Christmas for teachers.

  8. Hi the SEL, “I Can Stay Calm” would be outstanding for my class as well as myself especially with all of todays fast paced agendas and speedy life styles.
    But of course as a teacher anything that we win is always appreciated and valued.

  9. The classroom projector! We only have a couple to share in our whole school and this would be wonderful for short clips and power point presentations!

  10. Discovery Education Techbook app is my favorite this month the others are fine but the app looks great. I think I am asking Santa for an Ipad to use in my classroom. I teach Gifted and Talented grades K thru for and know my students will love this app. I wonder if the app works for chrome books.

    As usual I am going to be the teacher in the know thanks to Karen and her blog.

  11. My greatest weakness in the classroom is teaching writing. “Write this Way…” would be a great resource to help me improve this area. Thank you for the chance to win!

  12. The “Write This Way: How Modeling Transforms the Writing Classroom from Capstone” would be a great addition to my classroom. I am always looking at different ways to help my kids with their writing.

  13. Write This Way: How Modeling Transforms the Writing Classroom from Capstone might be just the ticket for me. I am always looking for writing instruction that fully engage my diverse learners.

  14. Hi! I love your magazine it’s a great classroom resource. Your raffle is wonderful and the projector would especially come in handy to project my computer during my computer classes. Thanks for your generosity and hopefully I can Win! Happy holidays from Illinois!

  15. I could get so much use out of the Write this Way set. Writing can be a real challenge sometimes. It would be great to have such a valuable resource.

  16. The TREND Dinosaur Mighty Match Challenge would be perfect in my room! I’ve got 10 boys right now, and the boys are obsessed with dinosaurs! This would be the perfect product for my class!

  17. These are all amazing products. I would especially love the projector. My school is way behind with technology (I teach at a Head Start) we have no budget for the “fancy” stuff and I would love to be able to design instruction around internet resources.

  18. The power lite 99 would be a great addition to my classroom. It would add an extra Denver for students to be introspective and think.

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