These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All!

’Tis the season of giving, and I’m giving you another chance to win Teachers’ Choice Award–winning products! In fact, over the next few months, I’ll be giving away nearly 60 products that earned Learning magazine’s 2016 Teachers’ Choice Awards after being tested and evaluated by real teachers in real classrooms. The Teachers’ Choice Award designation is given to the best of the best.


Here’s what you need to do for your chance to win: post a comment to this blog by 11:59 pm EST on December 13, 2015, to tell me which of the award-winning products below would be perfect in your classroom. From the comments, I’ll randomly select one teacher to win all the products in today’s post. That’s a lot to win! Congratulations to Tina, who is the winner of these products!


Here are the winning products you can win.

Pete the Cat Puppet-on-a-Stick from Educational Insights: Pete brings his ultracool vibe to creative play, puppet shows, storytime, and circle time in your classroom. (TCA for the Classroom)


Alphabet Learning Locks from Lakeshore: Kids match a key to the letter or to the picture on the lock. When they make a successful match, the key turns and the lock opens for instant reinforcement. (TCA for the Family)


LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: The ear pads on these headphones are made with a specially designed breathable mesh to keep little ears comfortable. You control the volume, content, and device. (TCA for the Classroom)


Time Timer MOD from Time Timer: Keep everyone on track with this timer. It has a cover that protects it from the bumps and falls of everyday life. (TCA for the Classroom and for the Family)


Early Rising Readers from Newmark Learning: Time to rise and read! These precisely leveled texts come with teacher’s guides, cross-curricular activities, and family-involvement components. (TCA for Preschool)


Don’t forget to post your comment today! Then watch for future posts for a chance to win more of our Teachers’ Choice Award–winning products.


PS: Want to see all the Teachers’ Choice Award winners for 2016? Go to and click on “Teachers’ Choice Awards” in the menu. Then watch this blog for a chance to win your favorites.

55 thoughts on “These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All!

  1. I have never seen these headphones. These would be awesome for my first grade classroom because we have the use of a class set of iPads weekly and many of my students do not have headphones. They currently use some of my random headphones I have collected over the years. They are constantly tangled and I spend a lot of time untangling them. Ugh! Thank you so much for making me aware of these.

  2. So many wonderful prizes I hope I can win this. My classroom is full of Pete the Cat. We even made a Pete scarecrow for a local contest and yes we won. The alphabet learning blocks are awesome too. I loved looking at all the great products in the teacher choice awards. Pick me please pick me.

  3. I really like the wireless headphones, the Time Timer, and the leveled reading books. These would all work great in my classroom during our Daily 5 reading block.

  4. I love the wireless headphones. I think they would dramatically help my classroom of special needs learners that have sensory challenges. Sometimes a mess of tangled cords is enough to prevent a student from engaging in an audio listening activity.

  5. I could use them all! The Pete the Cat puppet would be great during my story time in the library, the timer would be wonderful for keeping students on task during paper work, the readers and learning locks would be great tools for when I work with MTSS students. Wow, what wonderful offers!!

  6. Pete the Cat puppet stick is on sale for $5.95 steal of a deal – the puppets are selling like hot cakes for double the price at our school bookfair.

  7. The Timer Timer is a good product for all students. At the school I work at, we use them in the classroom, i the resource room and at recess to let students know when transitions are coming. The option to have it silent or have sound is a nice way to have things be different as needed.

  8. All of these products are wonderful! My students would love the Pete the Cat stick. At the beginning of the year we have a Pete the Cat unit. This would be perfect for the students to use while rebelling Pete the Cat stories. The alphabet learning locks would be a great in our literacy center. It will also help with fine motor. The wireless headphone will work great with students who are sharing an electronic device. We love working together on projects and the timer will help us keep track of time. Lastly the book would be wonderful in our classroom library. We always love new books!

  9. The Alphabet Learning Locks look great! Not only do they help with letters/sounds, they reinforce fine motor skills. They would be perfect for my pre-k classroom!

  10. As a member of the Technology Committee at my school, we are in desperate need of new technology! The headphones would be a great way to get the ball rolling!

  11. As a teacher of students with special needs, the wireless bluetooth headphones seem like an awesome tool. The ability to control volume, device, etc. is such a plus, and would give the students some sense of responsibility and “choice.” I love “the mailbox blog.”

  12. I would say in my classroom, the best item would be the timer. It is a challenge to keep everyone in a scheduled time especially now when you have the state of nj breathing down your throats with going from bell to bell. I think children should have time to learn and not be rushed but this timer well help us keep our momentum going to the next tasks on hand.

  13. I would love to win the bluetooth headphones. They would be so much easier to use with the iPads we have in our room.

  14. I would love Pete the Cat. My students love Pete and the crazy lessons he teaches us. It started with our Librarian. She read the New Shoes and from there we were hooked. Maybe, would like an extra one for the wonderful Librarian we have.

  15. Also love the headphones. This is a wonderful piece of technology to have. We are taking test on the computers now and this would help kids stay comfortable.

  16. The headphones would be an awesome addition to our classroom!! The wires always seem to get tangled up in little kinders hands.

  17. Hello,
    Headphones are always needed in the classroom for using net books for using district programs. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this sweepstakes.

  18. Our students are working more and more on computers. The LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones would make that activity more enjoyable.

  19. Ooh, so many good things…I think the Early Rising Readers would be great for my Kindergarten students. I have several students who need some more help with learning the basics of reading!

  20. Wow Karen! Too many great choices to choose from…no wonder they were all Teachers’ Choice Awards winners! I really like the headphones! To be able to control the volume and content would be AWESOME!!! But you can never go wrong with Pete the Cat, either! =)

  21. The timer! I use these all the time but have to borrow from guidance or SpEd! Having my own to help my anxious friends stay on task would be fabulous.

  22. i love the Alphabet Learning Locks. I teach a self contained classroom (K-5) Special Ed classroom. The learning locks would be great for learning the alphabet and working on fine motor skills.

    I posted earlier and noticed after I submitted with the wrong email address.

  23. I posted earlier and noticed that I submitted with the wrong email. I love the Alphabet Learning Locks. I teach a self contained classroom (K-5) Special Ed classroom. The learning locks would be great for learning the alphabet and working on fine motor skills.

  24. I would love the learning locks for my classroom! Anything that reinforces letters and helps strengthen fine motor skills at the same time while being fun, too, is a win-win in my book!

  25. The headphones would be awesome!Mine are always a mess and my kids in my classroom like to put the wires in their mouths so this would really help.

  26. The Time Timer MOD looks great! I’ve searched for cheap, reliable timers and haven’t found any that I feel comfortable spending my money on.

  27. As a school librarian I could put all of these to use. Kid often have a hard time deciding on a book. The timer would be so helpful. And who can resist Pete the cat?

  28. As a Kindergarten teacher at an international school in Korea I think all these products are great! I could readily see my students enjoying all of them. As beginning readers the leveled readers would be excellent for them. I personally would like the timer! 🙂

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