These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All (Including a STEM Challenge Kit)!

Ready for some science? Then you’ll be ready to win these 2016 Teachers’ Choice Award–winning products that each have a science theme. And because they’ve earned the TCA seal, you know these products have been tested by real teachers in real classrooms and are among the best of the best.


Here’s what you need to do for your chance to win all the products featured today. Post a comment to this blog no later than 11:59 pm EST on January 31, 2016, to tell me which of the award-winning products below would be perfect in your classroom and what grade you teach. From the comments, I’ll randomly select one teacher to win all the items in today’s post. Congratulations to Stephanie, who is the winner of all these award-winning products.


And the winning-products you can win are…

Real-World STEM Challenge Kit from Lakeshore: Children learn to think like scientists and engineers as they design, build, and test a working parachute, an earthquake-safe structure, a robotic hand, and more! (TCA for the Classroom)


ThinkBox Glowing Science Lab from Horizon Group USA, Inc: Get cool chemistry going. Kids can make three glow-in-the-dark projects with this kit.
(TCA for the Family)


Comparing Animal Traits Series from Lerner Publishing Group: Build students’ critical-thinking skills by helping them analyze information about what makes animals similar and different.
(TCA for Children’s Books)


Don’t forget to post a comment for your chance to win.


Fingers crossed for you!


PS: Want to see all the Teachers’ Choice Award winners for 2016? Go to and click on “Teachers’ Choice Awards” in the menu. Then watch this blog for a chance to win your favorites.

31 thoughts on “These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All (Including a STEM Challenge Kit)!

  1. I teach third grade and I think all of these products would work great in my classroom. We are just starting to use the NGSS at our school and Stem activities are such a big part of the new way of learning. It would be great to have the Stem kit to do hands on real world activities to teach the science standards.

  2. I would love to win “Real-World STEM Challenge Kit from Lakeshore”. I have been incorporating more STEM activities into my curriculum this year and this would be a wonderful addition.

  3. I would love the Real World STEM Challenge Kit for my kindergarten class! I try to incorporate STEM every week and this looks like an awesome resource!

  4. I would LOVE the Real-World STEM Challenge Kit for my kindergarten through 6th grade talented and gifted students. We have been focusing more on STEM and these would be wonderful to incorporate!

  5. I would love the Real World Stem Challenge Kit from Lakeshore. My prek class would love it and the great thing about my school is that we have parents who work each day to assist. I love the animal trait books my kiddos love animals.

  6. The Lakeshore STEM Challenge Kit looks amazing for my classroom of special needs learners that require a multi-sensory instructional approach. Thank you for making these items available to our classrooms!

  7. Comparing animal traits is perfect for my class. Today and tomorrow my class is showing and reading animal reports to every class in our school!

  8. STEM is a favorite part of my students day! They amaze me everyday with the things they are able to engineer and create!

  9. I’m torn I love the Stem Kit as well as the Animal Traits Comparison. Either would be very useful with my class of third graders.

  10. The glow in the dark kit would be a great activity for my classroom. Second graders love new experiences and it would spark their interest in Science.

  11. I would love the STEM kit. We are working hard to make science a regular part of our curriculum and not an after thought!

  12. Glowing Science Lab, for sure, these kids are constantly talking about this goo stuff and how they make it at home, this is the in thing right now!!!!

  13. The interesting thing about this combination is how much it will appeal to children of both genders. The ideas behind each offering can be carried throughout the lesson plan and even has the potential to carry over to activities parents could do at home.

    I work with at-risk pre-kindergarten children and I know these items would be used and appreciated.

  14. I like the real world stem challenge kit. I work in a 2nd grade inclusion classroom with 22 students. This kit would go well in our classroom setting because we want kids to think big and use higher order thinking skills. They are always excited to do science in the classroom. With this kit kids will enjoy working in small groups learning about real life situations in the realm of science. This would be awesome to have. We are a low income school and this would be great to have in our inclusion classroom.

  15. The Lakeshore Learning Real-World STEM challenge kit would be a wonderful gift for us. We are just intorducing STEM, but have a fixed budget to purchase STEM items. This would allow us to do several STEM projects out of one kit. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  16. I would love the STEM kit. The kids I work with range in age and they would all find something to do in this kit. It would be perfect for our summer program.

  17. I want the Thinkbox Glowing Science Lab! My middle school students would love this! They like glow in the dark jewelry at our dances & events. Also, some of my bestie teacher friends are Science teachers & I can see them using this for Astronomy or Chemistry.

  18. I would love the Lakeshore STEM kit! My school is in the first year of offering a STEM lab to second and final third graders. I think they would enjoy these activities!

  19. Each product is great and a useful tool for creating an environment of fun learning. I can see our students now enjoying these science kits outdoors. We’d love to have this opportunity to introduce STEM to our classes. Imagine the possibilities and such a wonderful way to learn.

  20. OMG! I am so excited to see the Animal Trait Series be offered as part of this give-away. I just took over a second grade class this month and could really use this as we begin our informational writing unit and the focus is on animal reports. As I have stepped into this teaching position mid-year, there are limited resources available which is so frustrating. The set has some interesting species that I believe my students would find fascinating, like the platypus and komodo dragons. Thanks for the chance!

  21. We have begun a Brain Boost Club after school program and the Real-World stem challenge kit would be a perfect addition to the program! These kids are so excited and eager to try new challenges and would be thrilled by these wonderful additions!

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