The Week of the Young Child Is April 8-12: Win This BIG “Just for Littles” Prize Pack

Join in the celebration with this week’s super-size prize pack. One lucky teacher will win all of these great books:


Fold and Find Out: Caterpillar to Butterfly (Candlewick Press)
Big and Little: A Story of Opposites (Holiday House)
Turn, Seek, Find: Seasons (Twirl)
Hide-and-Sleep: A Flip-Flap Book (Chronicle Books)
The Happy Book (Viking)
The Joy of Movement (Redleaf Press)

For your chance to win, submit a comment to this blog by Wednesday, April 17, and let us know one thing you love about teaching little learners. You could be our randomly selected winner! (Update: Congrats to Brenda, our lucky winner!) Then read on to find more goodies especially for early childhood:



Check out this free webinar from Learning Without Tears. You’ll learn to measure progress and assess students holistically in writing, language, literacy, and math. The webinar is available on demand, so you can watch anytime. Very convenient! Click here.



The National Association for the Education of Young Children has lots of free resources to celebrate the Week of the Young Child. Download them here. Be sure to check out the interactive map with events and celebrations all over the country.


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One of my favorite things is doing art projects with young children. I know one little guy who sees me coming and immediately says, “Craft!” I think he might think that’s my name!


PS: Just a few more weeks to win our Peppa Pig prizes plus a $500 Amazon gift card. Enter here.

37 thoughts on “The Week of the Young Child Is April 8-12: Win This BIG “Just for Littles” Prize Pack

  1. Our interactions with little learners are critically important. Their first experience with the library and literacy will set them up in terms of their opinion of libraries, books and librarians for either life or for years to come. Thus, their first experiences need to be engaging, positive, and rich. Materials like these will help in achieving these ideals.

  2. I love all learners, but little learners are just the greatest. . .each day is a new experience and adventure for them!

  3. The young children are willing learners and enjoy learning new things and want to learn about the world around them as badly as I want to teach them!

  4. This blog post is amazing!! Learning without tears was a major player with helping my own children write neatly then moved onto cursive which they no longer teach in schools!

    As a teacher of littles, my favorite part is the endless curiosity and the most creative imaginations. They are by far the funnest group to teach!!

  5. My favorite thing about teaching little learners is that you never know what they will say next and they are breathtakingly honest!!

  6. Little learners are so funny and have such a different perspective on life. They take everything literally!

  7. What’s not to love? My little learners are so full of joy for everything – watching leaves fall, seeing a random ant in the classroom, meeting new people. Their enthusiasms for life is contagious.

  8. I love the enthusiasm of my little learners. It is so fun to see them make new discoveries and realize they know more than they thought they did. Seeing the world through their eyes is amazing.

  9. I love children’s books! Is there any way we can order the books you show.
    I love the precious expressions on their faces when they are excited about a book.
    Reading starts with know how to listen. Parents need to read, read , to their children!

    • Hi Lela,
      Each title links directly to the publisher’s website, where you can order. I’m guessing most would be available on Amazon, too. Good luck!

  10. We love celebrating the week of the young child at the preschool I work for.the kids love all the different activities through out the week.

  11. Absolutely that moment when you see the aha moment when a child understands and gets it. Makes my heart soar

  12. In September they seem so young and need me for everything. By this time of the school year, I could leave and the class would practically run itself, NOT that I’d ever leave them alone for a minute ever! They are so happy and excited about everything.

  13. I love the feeling I get when they first arrive in the morning and give me a hug! Nothing is better than feeling loved and appreciated.

  14. I love teaching little learners. It is one of the best and most important jobs. I am starting kids on their lifelong educational journey. It is so exciting to see them learn something new and the excitement in their eyes

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