The Variety of Your Student Population

I was reading an article about introverts in the classroom. It got me to thinking about the indescribably vibrant cast of characters that made its way through my classroom during the years I was a teacher. From there, it was just a small leap from the microcosm of the classroom to the macrocosm of society. The world is a beautiful place because it is full of one single thing: infinite variety.

Would I want a student body of pure extroverts, unafraid of raising their hands to respond to any question I might throw at them, whether they knew the correct answer or not? No. Would I want a student population of pure introverts, quietly working with focused diligence on independent projects, yet never willing to engage in open class discussion? No way.

I don’t think you would either.

I needed the extroverted Miguels, Brittanys, Christians, and Naomis just as much as I needed the introverted Renees, Matthews, Kerris, and Dwaynes. Without the variety my students brought to the classroom, my lessons would have been as exciting as listening to dust bunnies hopping on linoleum.

Share with us your stories about how variety in your student population makes your classroom a better place.

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