The Mailbox Magazine Mystery

Have you ever wondered why The Mailbox magazine is named The Mailbox? It’s a bit of mystery for most folks. What does a mailbox have to do with teaching? I just happen to have the clues that can solve this mystery!


1. When the first issue of The Mailbox magazine was published in 1979, what was the most popular (and economical) method of cross-country communication?
a. the pony express
b. the telegraph
c. the postal service

2. Where is most postal mail delivered?
a. a bus stop
b. a library
c. a mailbox

3. What is the purpose of a mailbox?
a. a bird perch
b. a lawn ornament
c. to send and receive mail

4. What idea brought about The Mailbox magazine?
a. a postal strike
b. a lesson on compound words
c. a desire to be a mailbox for teachers—a place where teachers could send their best ideas and receive the best ideas from teachers around the country!

The answers: c, c, c, and c. I knew you could solve the The Mailbox mystery!

Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “The Mailbox Magazine Mystery

  1. That’s what I always thought when I first heard the name “Mailbox” – it was about taking in & delivering ideas & teaching concepts. It’s all about sharing to & from…very clever name!

  2. Awesome! It brought me some memories. My sister was 18 years younger than me. I was helping her kindergarden class that year.
    Thank you for the memories.

    Elizabeth G.

  3. When I open my mailbox & find the next issue of The Mailbox magazine it’s like receiving a gift in the mail. Thanks for sharing, Diane.

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