The Importance of Sleep

It seems like a lot of friends on social media are complaining of insomnia lately. I’ve had some issues with it myself. And honestly, it isn’t surprising with all that’s going on in the world right now. If I get into bed and begin thinking about weighty topics then sleep is a lost cause. This concerns me because I’ve read various articles that talk about how sleep is just as important as good nutrition and exercise. (And let’s just say I’m not getting gold stars in those categories right now either.) 

Our students can pick up on stress from adults and can suffer from interrupted sleep as well. Use these activities as a springboard for a discussion about the importance of sleep. Have children discuss ways they can get a good night’s sleep, such as doing relaxing activities before bed, eating just a light snack, and taking deep belly breaths.


Click here to get this sleep-themed activity sheet on color word recognition.




Click here for this sleep-themed graphing activity!

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  1. I want to thank you for the sleep activities i always read a story book or a cbook chapter and than sang to my children until they fell asleep. Tv’s were not allowed in their rooms until they wer in their teens.

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