The Five Senses of Winter

The Mailbox® has five senses activities that are winter themed. This is actually a fun theme/topic combination because you can smell the hot chocolate, hear children playing in the snow, etc. But winter seems to have gone a little haywire recently, so my snarky brain imagines it more like this:

I see snow drifts blocking my front door.
I hear squealing brakes as cars slide down my street.
I smell nothing because my nostrils are frozen.
I taste the trail mix I’m eating because I have no power and can’t heat up food.
I touch the handle of my shovel as I dig myself out.

I still love winter because I’m a Michigan girl at heart, but I feel for those who are having wintery weather in places without hundreds of salt trucks on standby. (Mother Nature was a bit rough with Texas.)

Here are five senses printables just for you! You might want to wait and use them for spring. 😉


Print this five senses graphic organizer.






Print this five senses chart.






Print this list of sensory words.




P.S. Secure and sturdy desktop shields? Yes, please! 

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