The First Day of Spring!

It may not look like it where you live, but Monday, March 20, 2023 is the first day of spring! When I lived in Michigan, the spring equinox generally didn’t look anything like spring, but it still gave everyone a sense of hope that within a month you could put away your snowblower. Here in North Carolina it’s a bit different, and we’re seeing lots of daffodils and flowering dogwoods. Flowers are always a delightful sign that the weather is getting warmer. 


Celebrate spring and literacy skills with these flowery projects! They look lovely displayed in the hallway or your classroom from April all the way to June.

One thought on “The First Day of Spring!

  1. It may not yet look like spring here in the suburbs of Chicago, but inside my home it’s spring and summer with fresh flowers, decorations, etc.
    The other I made a flowery spring wreath and bulletin board for my church.
    Now my husband and I are planning our next long vacation.

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