The Bugs are Back!

There was a fly in my carport yesterday. This is the first buggy critter I’ve seen in a couple months, and I’m just not ready for them to come back. There are a lot of bugs here in North Carolina, and most of them seem to like me far more than I like them. It doesn’t help that I live near some low-lying wet areas in the country, which provides me with bugs of all varieties. 

Now if the fly in my carport looked like these stinking ADORABLE flies from The Mailbox®, I wouldn’t mind them so much. Go here for the fly cards and a simple math song your students are sure to love. 

Happy almost spring, teacher friends!

One thought on “The Bugs are Back!

  1. I like the fly cards and what you can do is go to the dollar store and buy some fly swamps and that the children hit on them and count out how many.

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