The Big Reveal

First of all, happy Valentine’s Day from one of your greatest fans! May your day be everything you’re wishing for, whether it be a fun classroom party, a special dinner, or simply spending time with loved ones.

Now, I promised you a Valentine’s Day surprise. (Drum roll please…)

The Mailbox has 21 BRAND-NEW books!

There are just too many titles to list, but I can tell you this: the books are awesome! There are books for teachers of every grade level, from preschool through grade six. And, for those of you teaching Common Core, you’ll be happy to know these books are labeled for alignment with Common Core State Standards. Check out the latest and the greatest from The Mailbox!

Oh, and about that prize for last Friday’s “Teacher Poll” post? You guessed it! Each winner may select one brand-new book to receive for free! Winners are listed at “Teacher Poll” and have also been notified by email.

U R a 10!

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