That’s a Big Word!

This Thursday, April 21, is Big Word Day! Yes, it’s one of those non-holidays…but this one sounds pretty entertaining to me, simply because you can make it a fun day in your classroom. Try out some of these engaging activities with your students: 

  • Challenge students to seek out and learn a big word, use it in a sentence, and introduce it to the class. 
  • Encourage students to look up the longest word in the English language and attempt to pronounce it. 
  • With younger students, play a game I call, “I Can Spell Anything,” as a time-filler. Children say words and you write them on the board. They love trying to come up with long words to stump the teacher and will giggle hysterically if you add dramatic flair to your difficulties. 
  • Encourage your students to make their own dictionaries with this activity!


Have a great day, teacher friends—and think big!

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