Thank Goodness!

Teachers, rejoice! This year, April Fools’ Day falls on a Saturday. I’ll admit that I can be a prankster at times. Yes, one year I did prank my dear dad into thinking I was single and pregnant. I now understand that this was not funny—but at the time I was, well, immature. I recently read where a teacher—this was a second-grade teacher, mind you—served her kiddos cookies on April Fools’ Day. After the treats were devoured, she revealed (as a joke) that the cookies contained cockroaches. Seriously? I would have lost my cookies right then and there. So are you delighted or disappointed that school will not be in session on the first of April? Oh, and of course I’d love to hear about the April Fools’ pranks you’ve pulled or pranks that have been pulled on you!


6 thoughts on “Thank Goodness!

  1. I am not a prankster. I grew up with two younger brothers who tried to prank me, startle me or frighten me while we ere growing up. Money was too tight and I was too responsible to try pranks at home. I do love a good joke and really enjoy reading funny books,

  2. Yea April fools is on Saturday. My daughter is getting married Saturday! Her husband will not forget their anniversary!

  3. I don’t do pranks. I don’t like them. But our P.E. coach pulls them all the time. I think everyday is April 1st to him!

  4. April Fool’s Day is renamed Riddle Day in my class. My kids make a little booklet with a riddle on the right hand side page and the answer on the back of the page. They enjoy telling the riddles, nobody is harmed, no feelings are hurt, and they get practice with reading and writing.

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