Terrific 2023!

How are you ringing in the new year? I’m hitting the beach. Don’t start picturing palm trees and tropical drinks…I’ll actually be on the coast of North Carolina, which at this time of year is more about sweatshirts than bathing suits. But hey, the beach is still the beach! As for the rest of 2023, my goal is to make smart choices that will help create balance in my life. It’s a tough thing to do! To help you with work/life balance, The Mailbox Gold provides activities that are  educationally sound and engaging—so your planning time goes swiftly and smoothly. 

What is The Mailbox Gold? It’s a subscription that costs $29.95 for the entire year. Here’s what you get:

  • The Mailbox Magazine for your grade level. It’s monthly and online.
  • Unlimited printing and downloads of activities from our online library for your grade. (We currently have over 18,000 activities and printables per grade!)
  • Terrific tools, like our spelling list maker, flashcard maker, instant forms, a bingo board maker, and MORE.
  • A FREE TRIAL PERIOD of 7 days. If you cancel within the 7 days, you will be completely reimbursed. 

Click here to subscribe! Do you have questions? You can always ask them in a blog comment or send me a message through The Mailbox Facebook page. 

Here’s a peek at the content in the January magazine issues! 






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